I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 43

EP.43 Descendant of the Imperial family

Ivan Vladimirovich Romanov.

       48 years old this year.

       The world’s strongest martial artist nicknamed the Destruction God, and Tsar.

       He was born in 1969 in Vladivostok, where his grandfather was the illegitimate son of Nikolai II, the last emperor of the Russian Empire to collapse in the revolution.

       Although his bloodline was not officially recognized, his father’s generation lived rich thanks to the blood of the emperor, but Ivan’s father was forced to the ground due to debt while expanding his business.

       After an unhappy childhood, Ivan joined the Red Mafia force at the age of 17, which was based in Vladivostok, a floating port, and immediately became the top of the organization and started a weapon smuggling business.

       Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991, Ivan, who sold various weapons and tanks leaked from military units to Southeast Asia, Africa, or third world countries in civil war, accumulated huge capital with excellent business skills and became one of the richest in the rest of the world in just five years.

       When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian Federation was established, he founded the Easter Egg Company with the huge amount of money he earned from the arms business.

       Through its collusion with the Russian government, it has begun to build an incomparable wealth, making Easter Egg the world’s leading conglomerate.

       July 1999.

       At a time when the world was clamoring over whether Nostradamus’ prophecy would come true or not, Ivan, who turned 30, held the first “God Of Fist,” or the Kwonshin Competition, in the name of the group leader.

       The purpose of this contest was very simple.

       To decide on the world’s strongest martial artist.

       People from 138 countries around the world were enthusiastic about the month-long Battle Royale-style tournament, and Ivan, the first winner of the championship, became a legend of the later world with the nickname Angolmois.


       ‘It’s fun.’

       Ivan liked the Asian boy standing in front of him.

       Because it was like seeing himself as a child.

       At first, it was all caused by a misunderstanding.

       When he heard that Boris, one of his own guards, had collapsed, he thought the black yasha, which disappeared 10 years ago, was finally back.

       God of Fist, has now gained considerable publicity since it was first held in 1999.

       In the first, second, and third championship, he won, but in the fourth one, the black yasha, which he had encountered in each final, barely beat him and won.

       It would be natural for Ivan, who lost for the first time in his life, to be shocked and desperate to wait for the next tournament.

       However, his rival Black Yasha did not participate in the 5th ‘GOF’ held in 2011, and Ivan, who lost all motivation due to it, has not participated in any competitions since then.

       From Ivan’s point of view, of course, he was the person he wanted to meet more than anyone else.

       A guy named Fuma Kotaro.

       However, when he came, there was no black yasha like he expected, but only an Asian boy he saw for the first time.       

       Disappointed, he tried to return to the hotel with his runaway daughter, but suddenly he realized something was wrong. 

       Because a person not living in the back world of Japan could not have known the name “Fuma Kotaro.”

       So, he tested him.

       Whether the Asian boy in front of him really has nothing to do with the back world.

       And he shuddered.

       The fact that an average boy who really didn’t learn any martial arts knocked down Boris, his best man.

       A once in a century genius.

       Although he was a boy whom he met purely by chance, Ivan became greedy.

       Because it would be the loss of mankind to find this talent and leave it, and he felt like it was fate to find him.

       ‘If I raise him well, I can raise him to the level where he can compete with me in 10 years, no, 5 years.’

       Unlike himself, who had no choice but to learn by himself from beginning to end because he did not have a teacher, it was possible if he led him well as a teacher.

       Then instead of Fuma Kotaro, it was like a new rival reappeared in the world.

       From Ivan’s point of view, where everything became boring, the mere thought of it was really exciting.

       But the Asian boy turned down his unconventional offer.

       “Thank you for your offer, but I refuse.”

       The moment he heard it, Ivan thought.

       He thought he was too complacent.

       He had only met a few in 48 years who dared to refuse, and he seemed to take it for granted.

       “Really? Then die, too.”

       Now that it has come to this, he had to force him to accept his proposal.

       That was what he decided.


       I managed to stop the sudden fist with my right hand.

       Tingling! Tingling!

       The intense pain came up from the bone, even though it was prevented.

       The atmosphere was unusual when I looked at his eyes that became more violent than before.

       He really wants to kill someone.


       First of all, since he was Sasha’s father, I had been insisting defense, and now I launched my first attack for self-defense.

       The fast-stretched fist hits his exposed jaw.


       His neck bent backward from the impact.

       However, Sasha’s father, who returned his neck to its original state as if nothing had happened, muttered with a straight face.

       “It’s low.”

       Then he put his fist in my chin the same way I did just before.


       The blood vessels in my mouth burst, giving it a fishy taste of blood.

       In addition, the center of my body was disturbed, perhaps due to the shaking of the brain by getting hit on the chin.

       Sasha’s father, who slightly raised one foot in front of him and gathered two fists in front of his face, said.

       “I’ll give you a piece of advice, boy.”

       The moment the slightly lifted foot stepped on the ground strongly,

       “When you hit a person, whether the other person is weak or strong, you just hit him with the determination to kill him.”


       The ground was dented with a strong wave of force.

       A simultaneous series of violent attacks.

       Top, bottom, right, left, right upper end, right lower end, upper left, lower left.

       A fierce fistfight like the freezing cold in Siberia, pouring indiscriminately from a total of eight directions.

       As if the fight we just had was just a kid’s joke, the strength and speed on the punch changed.

       At the same time, the movements of the left and right hands were different, it was as if two people were attacking at the same time.


        My eyes can’t keep up!

       I managed to prevent it until the first 18 consecutive attack, but since then, my defense posture has collapsed rapidly, and I’ve been attacked by only brushing the vital points and money in his pocket.

       32 consecutive attacks in total.

       As he advised, my clothes were already in tatters thanks to the merciless fist that he gave with the energy to kill the other person.

       “Huff, huff, huff, huff.”

       All the vital points were avoided by the fists, but to be honest, it is difficult to breathe.

       The muscles of my whole body were screaming in pain.

       “Двойной орёл императора.”

       Sasha’s father, who stopped right in front of me, looked down at me, saying so in Russian.

       “In Japanese, it means the emperor’s double-headed eagle. It’s one of the mysteries of visionary martial arts that has been passed down to the Romanov royal family for generations.”

       In other words, it is a martial art of the Imperial family.

       It was a world view of the love comedy, and it was also a battle material in this area.

       “Boy, if you don’t want to die, come work for me. Then I’ll teach you all the skills I know, not just this skill. You’re a natural strongman. I will give you the power to reign over all the weak in the world.”

       “Uh, is that what you’re talking about after you’ve been beating people up?”

       I couldn’t help laughing.

       A person who falls into the category of the 8th grade syndrome was standing right in front of me.

       To give you the power to reign over all the weak in the world.

       In this day and age, people often say such shameful things with a straight face.

       I couldn’t even lift my arm because of the pain, but I managed to zip down my hooded jumper with a shaky hand.

       The pocket inside the hooded jumper was bulging.

       It was the 2 million yen that I received from Sasha earlier.

       To be honest, I was foolish to be relieved that money was safe until this point, but if I thought it was money to pack my home luggage, it was considered more precious than my life. (voir bonne trad de home luggage dans ancient chap)


       I threw my messed-up hoodie, then dressed in a t-shirt, I raised both fists.

       “As I said earlier, I have no intention of accepting the offer.”

       There were my parents.

       There was Director Nakayama.

       There was the president.

       There was the vice-president.

       There was Minami.

       There was Rika.

       There was Karen.

       After I was possessed by Kim Yoo-sung’s body, there were precious relationships that I had built over the years.

       I didn’t want to throw them all away and work for the man in front of me.

       Therefore, I decided to risk my everything and fight sincerely at this moment.

       “So be gentle and give up. Old man.”

       Sasha’s father, who listened to me, smiled like a ghost.

       “It’s great. It’s the eyes of a man who has his own beliefs.”

       Then he clenched his right hand’s fist and said,

       “Those beliefs, I’ll crush them.”


       At the end of the conversation, Sasha’s father’s fists and mine hit each other in the face at the same time.

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 42

EP.42 Ivan the destroyer 

The muscular man who landed on the ground in a position commonly called superhero landing approached Sasha, ignoring me standing behind her.

       “You did a pretty funny thing. My daughter.”

       When she called him papa earlier, and listening to the current conversation, it seemed that the two were probably in a father-daughter relationship.

       Unlike the Russian machos I met during the day, they both talked in Japanese, so I could understand what it was about.

       It is the moment in manga that is strangely sweet?

       “How did Papa, who should be in Russia, get here?”

       “Huhu, I happened to come to Japan for a personal business. But when I heard that black yasha appeared in Tokyo, I’ve come running, leaving everything behind.”

       Sasha’s expression became strange when she heard that.

       “Why is the black yasha suddenly resurfacing?”

       Sasha’s father then shook his head and swept his hair as if it were absurd.

       “Didn’t you know? My daughter. The Japanese you hired as an escort today is Kotaro Fuma, one of the legendary seven-powerful men like me, a legendary contractor who disappeared 10 years ago!”

       As if really excited, Sasha’s father, who shouted in such a loud voice, looked at me standing behind his back and said,

       “Come on! Black yasha! That night 18 years ago! Today is the day of the unfulfilled victory… Hmm? Who are you?”

       Unable to keep up with the changing tension, I replied with an awkward look.

       “That… My name is Kim Yoo-sung.”

       “…Do you happen to know a guy named Fuma Kotaro?”

       “No, I’ve never heard of that name before.”


       The atmosphere is getting chilly.

       Perhaps Sasha’s father mistook me for a man named Fuma Kotaro.

       I don’t know where the misunderstanding came from, but it seems he looks like me.

       Anyway, I was worried that Sasha was going alone, so I tried to follow her, but I’m relieved her father came to meet her like this.

       I was a little surprised by the appearance of the love comedy style.

       After greeting the two, I decided to go home.

       “Well, then I’ll go now. That… Sasha you too.”

       “What? Oh, yes.”

       When I waved my hand saying that, Sasha nodded and accepted my greeting.

       It was when I was about to go home after lowering my head slightly to Sasha’s father, who was still standing as if something was missing.

       “Wait, wait, boy.”

       Suddenly Sasha’s father called me.

       When I looked back to see what was going on, Sasha’s father asked, staring at me with intense eyes.

       “I knew you had nothing to do with Fuma Kotaro. By the way, how did you win against one of my best men, Boris? An average person who doesn’t even know who the black yasha is.”

       Perhaps the big Russian he fought on the street earlier was Boris.

       When I heard that, I scratched my head because something came to my mind. 

       “If you meet him, could you tell him for me that I’m sorry? At the time, I thought he was a kidnapper and hit him without going easy on him.”

       “Oh. You hit him without going easy on him.”

       Sasha’s father took a step closer as if he had heard an interesting story.

       “Can you show me your power, too?”

       “Yes? What do you mean…”

       It was when I tried to ask back because I wondered what he meant.

       Sasha’s father, who was just around the corner, suddenly threw a fist at me.


       “What are you doing?!”

       I reflexively held out the backpack I was wearing on my back to prevent the attack, but Sasha’s father smiled violently as if he liked it even more.

       “That’s funny.”


       After gritting my teeth, I hurriedly stepped back, throwing away the bag I used as a shield.

       The previous attack turned the 10 manga in the bag into burning trash before I could even read them.

       Considering the money I received from Sasha today, it’s a drop in a bucket, but as a manga lover, the anger rose.

       But Sasha’s father shook his fists more enthusiastically, as if he would not give me a chance to fight back.

       A fierce attack that comes from all directions, up, down, left and right.

       It’s too late to avoid it, but after seeing his shoulder movement, I dodged all the fists that Sasha’s father wielded.

       As soon as the combination of 12 consecutive punch ended, he twisted his waist wide and turned around to shoot a kick.

       When I barely stopped the attack by crossing my arms and was pushed back a few steps in shock, Sasha’s father muttered, throwing away a leopard-patterned fur coat he was wearing on his suit.

       “It’s fun.”

       I’m going to die while dealing with him, what’s so fun about it.

       So, I shouted with anger.

       “Why the hell are you doing this to me?”

       Then Sasha’s father said as if he was asking something very obvious.

       “That’s because you’re a huge gemstone.”

       …A gemstone?

       I wondered what it meant, but Sasha’s father added an explanation.

       “A high school student without any combat training knocked down one of my best men with his bare hands with pure physical ability and combat sense? Someone will tell you not to joke. You’re a genius. A genius born every 100 years. You can believe it because I said it, the world’s strongest man.”

       Then he said with a greedy smile.

       “Come work for me, boy. That devilish talent, I’ll help you blossom.”

       The moment I heard Sasha’s father’s recommendation, which was likely to come out of a fierce battle, I was convinced.

       That this manga ‘Scrambled Love’ is not an authentic love comedy.


       The reason why I have been building muscles without a day off in case of an unexpected situation since I was possessed by Kim Yoo-sung’s body.

       That’s because the comic magazine where Scrambled Love was serialized was “Shonen Jump.”

       So far, I’ve been half in doubt.

       No matter how much the author put up an authentic love comedy as a catchphrase, however it is because the original story that happened so far was too ordinary for a manga that sold 10 million copies.

       In this magazine, it was almost impossible to win 10 million copies by competing only with an authentic love comedy in the jump that liked the three main elements of friendship, effort and victory.

       In particular, in the fierce competition between works, it is common to complete it early if you achieve the bottom of the postcard questionnaire ranking for several consecutive weeks.

       However, Scrambled Love survived until the end in such a jungle, and I heard that most of the hot topics scattered in the first half of the work ended.

       If that’s not the result of an authentic love comedy, what if it was because it changed to a jumping battle and it didn’t get kicked out in the middle?

       What if the author, who had been stubborn to the end, surrendered after being squeezed by the editorial department and suddenly drifted the battle water?

       That’s how everything went together.

       ‘Something was off.’

       Until now, I thought my muscles grew at an abnormal rate because I was the muscle comedy character of the love comedy’s. 

       However, I got goosebumps thinking that it was not possible because it was a manga, but a sign of Battle water Drift.

       I was being scouted by a man who looks so dangerous right now, in exchange for overbuilding my body.

       ‘It’s dangerous.’

       To be honest, I had already predicted that ordinary school life had gone away from the moment I became friends with Rika at the beginning of the semester.

       I did it with that in mind.

       However, I did not expect that the original Battle water Drift would turn out like this.

       It’s the original story, and I have to worry about my life first.

       When I, lost in my thoughts, said nothing and remained silent, Sasha’s father may have mistakenly thought I was thinking about it, adding some realistic conditions.

       “If you become a scholarship student at our Easter Egg Company, from now on, all tuition, college tuition, house, car, I’ll offer you everything, including a woman if you want.”

       …Honestly, it was a tempting condition.

       According to the explanation I heard from Sasha earlier, Easter Egg Company is one of the world’s leading conglomerates.

       There was no reason to not accept an offer to such place.

       However, I didn’t know much about the worldview in this manga to just listen to that and suddenly accept the offer right now.

       If that man is the final boss of the manga and falls to the main character at the end, the company could be broken down overnight.

       Well… this may be too much imagination because he’s the father of Sasha, one of the main heroes.

       I thought about this and that alone but accepting that offer right now would do more harm than good.

       And the more the worldview transformed into a battle from the Jump, the more likely it was to be safe to be near the main character.

       That’s the rules of the manga.

       I came to a conclusion after much consideration.

       “Thank you for your offer, but I refuse.”

       As soon as I said that, his expression with a friendly look changed suddenly.

       “Really? Then die, too.”

       Why’s that person so extreme?!

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 41

EP.41 Mountains after mountains

I asked a question after a long thought.

       “Even if you don’t…”

       “No, I can’t. It’s the rule of our cafe.”

       The maid with black hair standing next to me said that and smiled refreshingly.

       ‘It’s driving me crazy.’

       With a smile on my face, I turned my head back to the front, stressed by the subtle pressure.


       Sasha, sitting in the opposite chair, was holding back her laughter with her palm covered by her mouth.

       Well, it’s funny to imagine a muscle mass over 180 cm tall making a heart with his hands and doing something like Moemoe1Moe moe is a Japanese word that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga, video games, and other media directed at the otaku market..

       The problem is that it’s me.

       I thought about it and decided to do it quickly and eat.

       Because I thought it would be better for my mental health to do it when no one sees it. 

       I decided to do it, but when I actually said it, I couldn’t speak well.


        I relaxed my nervous body by taking a deep breath and finally said the word.

       “Mo, Moemoe kyung.”


       “You can eat now.”

       The maid finally stepped back with a satisfied look.

       When I felt ashamed of this real-time embarrassing story and ate my omurice, the maid took the other plate on the cart and put it down in front of Sasha, who was smiling hard.



       Sasha’s expression turned pale, as if she belatedly remembered that she had ordered the same menu as me without thinking much.

       Realizing the upcoming future, she shook her head with a glance telling her not to do it, but the maid cut the omelet with a knife and made a heart shape with her hands and said the feared word without fail. 

       “Go~ follow after me. Be delicious~ be delicious~ Moe-moe kyun♥”


       Honestly, this was self-inflicted.


       Clatter- clatter-

       “Nothing happened.”

       “…I know.”

       Sasha and I, who created a real time embarrassing story, agreed to do so by silently eating the omurice without making eye contact with each other.

       The cat maid, Hyoneko, was still singing an anime song on stage.

       When does that end?

       Anyway, the omurice that I ate after a lot of hard work was fortunately delicious.

       There is a strong perception that the food sold at the maid cafe is expensive and tasteless, but the cooking skill of the food maker seems to be quite good here.

       The donkotsu ramen I ate earlier had been digested for a long time while fighting, so I emptied all the omurice on the plate without leaving a grain of rice.

       After filling my stomach with a bit of a bummer, and when I was cleaning my mouth with orange juice, 30 minutes have passed and Hyoneko finally came running wiping the sweat on her forehead.

       “Master! How was Hyoneko’s live?”

       “Uh… It was good.”

       Perhaps what just happened was quite shocking, Sasha clapped her hands saying so in a soulless voice.

       Fortunately, the person involved did not seem to have noticed.

       “Hey~” I don’t know if you nominated me on your first visit because you knew Hyoneko likes to sing but thank you so much nyan! Thanks to you, I sang as much as I wanted nyan!”

       I wonder if Hyoneko got excited while singing, but the tension was quite high.

       At the same time, she was definitely a professional because she never forgot the “nyan” at the end of her sentences. 

       Hyoneko cleared the table, muttering, “Oh, look at my mind nyan”, as if she realized that our glasses and plates were empty while bragging about her singing taste and favorite singer.

       Then it was a card deck and cat ear headband that were brought in on a tray.

       “The original option is 1,000 yen per 10 minutes, but I got permission from the manager that it’s okay to do it as a special service today nyan!”

       She said that, mixing the cards with dexterity, she took 17 and handed us 18 each.

       It seemed to be the catch the thief game.

       We threw cards with the same numbers or letters in the middle of the table.

       The game begins when the number of cards left in the hand becomes all different.

       “Ooh nyan nyan.”

       Hyoneko took a card from my hand, putting in an exaggerated chant like the one of a cat.

       And then when there was the same number, I threw it away with the card I had in my hand.

       Spade 8 and Diamond 8.

       It’s my turn to pick.

       Out of the 8 cards that Sasha gave, I grabbed the card right next to the one that was sticking out the most.


       No, did she pick the joker right away?

       But without expression, she quietly added it to her cards.

       This time, Sasha pulled out Hyoneko’s card and threw it on the table with the card in her hand.

       It’s spade 3 and clover 3.

       It’s Hyoneko’s turn.

       “For your information, there is a penalty for the last place nyan.”

       As she said that, she pulled out a card of mine and smiled significantly without throwing away any cards.

       …I should have noticed at this time.

       Something’s wrong.


       “It can’t be.”

       I was the last to catch the thief, which took about 15 minutes. 

       Perhaps she was lucky from the beginning, Sasha was the first to shake off the card, and Hyoneko, who had a 1:1 match with me from the middle, perfectly avoided the Joker and took the cards.

       Thanks to this, I was automatically defeated and shivered in shame, holding the Joker from beginning to end.

       No way, I’m a board game player, I never thought I’d lose without even rebelling properly.

       “Let’s play one more round.”

       As I said so, when I began to collect the cards scattered on the table, Hyoneko grabbed the headband that was on the tray, saying that there was something to do before that.

       “The loser has to wear this cat ear headband until the end of the next game and make a cat sound at the end of every word nyan.” 

       Hyoneko, who stepped up and put the cat ear headband on my head while saying that, smiled and said to me.

       “Say anything once nyan.”

       *”…Let’s move on to the next game.”*

       “It’s definitely the sound of a cat, but it feels different nyan!”


       Now that it’s like this, I’ll keep playing until I win.

       I don’t know about anything else, but I couldn’t stand losing the card game.


       “Have a safe trip, master!”

       Ring! Ring!

       “Ah~ it was fun~”

       Sasha stretched and muttered with a proud face.

       It was more than an hour after that we left the maid cafe.

       In the end, I couldn’t win a single game, so I wore the cat ear headband for an entire hour and made a cat sound.

       If there wasn’t a two-hour limit per table, I’d really be staying until I won.

       Looking back, I realize that I did something quite shameful, but I couldn’t help it because card games were important to me.

       Anyway, it’s already 5 o’clock.

       Most of the stores in Akihabara are getting ready to close at this time of year, so there was no place to go anymore.

       It’s too early to have dinner, and I’ve already had omurice, so at best, eating snacks will be the limit.

       “What do you want to do now? There’s about two hours left until the appointed time.”

       Sasha, who heard my question, turned her head and exclaimed, “Ahah~.”

       “Come to think of it, that’s what happened. I asked you to protect me until 7 p.m.”

       “Did you forget what you said?”

       “No, no, it was supposed to be the time when the sun set.

       Sasha waved her hand as she said so and looked up at me and asked.

       “Is there a park or something around here? I want to walk because I’ve been sitting down.”

       “…There’s one nearby. Follow me.”

       The place where I led Sasha was Ueno Park near Akihabara.

       In terms of subway, Akihabara and Ueno are only one station apart, so I often walked here for exercise.

       Perhaps because it was almost evening, there were not many people taking a walk in Ueno Park.

       I asked while walking along the deserted walkway with Sasha.

       “How was the sightseeing in Akihabara today?”

       Sasha then glanced at my side face and nodded.

       “Thanks to you.”

       I wanted to show her more places, but I didn’t have enough time.

       We happened to be at the maid cafe for two hours when I thought we’d come out after a cup of tea.

       Shortly after, Sasha, who was walking with her hands behind her, soon stopped and told me.

       “Actually, I have a confession to make.”

       I suddenly turned my head to see what was being said.

       Sasha then looked up at me with a serious expression and said,

       “The people you fought on the street earlier are all bodyguards that my dad hired.”


       My brain stopped for a moment when I heard something I had never thought of.

       Shortly after, Sasha, who bit her lip, bent down at me.

       “I’m sorry I lied from the beginning. I came to Japan after a long time, so I sneaked out of the hotel because I wanted to go sightseeing, but I didn’t know things would turn this big.”

       Sasha, who said so, said with her head down.

       “So, it’s okay to go back now. I’m going to call the bodyguards and go into the hotel. Thank you very much for today.”

       Sasha, who said so, took a bundle of bills from her handbag, put them in my hand, and ran quickly toward Akihabara Station.

       “H, hold on!”

       I stared blankly as she was moving away and hurried after her.

       It was just then.

       A sudden gust of wind and a loud laugh came from above.


       When I looked up at the sky in a hurry, a black helicopter was flying over Ueno Park.

       As she ran toward the station, Sasha, who looked up at the sky like me, shouted with a startled expression.


       At that very moment, a black figure hanging from a helicopter jumped toward the ground.

       Without any protective equipment.

       */BAAAAAAM! /*

       Perhaps due to the impact caused by falling to the ground, huge dust rose around the landing site.

       Soon a muscular middle-aged man in a leopard-patterned coat, slowly raising himself in the dust, muttered with a ferocious smile.

       “Finally found you.”

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 40

EP.40 Maid Cafe experience

After leaving the coin laundry, Sasha, who proudly took the lead, followed a Maid on the main street and arrived at a 60-pyeong1Approximately 2134 square foot. maid cafe near Chuodori.

       When we opened the cutely decorated cafe door at the entrance and went inside, the maid employees I had only seen on TV or in pictures welcomed us with bright smiles.

       “Welcome back. Master!”

       “Oh. I wanted to hear this line.”


       It’s been about two years since I was possessed, but it was my first time coming to a maid cafe.

       This was the same when I looked back on Kim Yoo-sung’s memory before I was possessed.

       At a time when he was very sensitive to other people’s eyes, he did not seem to have the courage to enter a maid cafe alone as a small middle school student.

       Even if he came to Akihabara, he would have just glanced at it from afar.

       As a matter of fact, so did I.

       This is because I felt a physiological reluctance toward an unfamiliar culture.

       If it weren’t for Sasha’s stubbornness, I might not have even thought of coming for the rest of my life.

       When we stood in front of the entrance and looked around not knowing what to do, one of the maid, who was arranging the table where a customer left, came up to me and asked me in a friendly voice.

       “Have you ever been to our store, master?”

       I was intimidated by the disparate atmosphere unique to the maid cafe, so I answered in a nervous voice without realizing it.

       “Ah, no.”

       “Let me give you a brief explanation before we entertain you. The basic admission fee for our Machi Asobi ☆ Maid Akihabara Store2Name of the store. is 800 yen. And if you order, one maid will take care of the owner at each table. The maid in charge has a random name and a nomination, and if you chose it, the nomination fee will be added. For your information, it is prohibited in principle to touch a Maid at the store and taking pictures inside the store is prohibited. If you want to take a polaroid photo with your maid, you ask me at the counter separately.”

       The explanation went by like a flash, it was not a skill she got in a day or two when I saw that her pronunciation was not broken at all.

       After the explanation, the black-haired maid guided us to a window seat with good lighting.

       “This is today’s nomination, and this is the menu. When you’re done choosing the menu, wave the bell next to the table and call the maid. I hope you have a comfortable time. Master.”

       They’re truly professionals. 

       Unlike the flamboyant miniskirt maid costume, the perfect explanation and attitude were nothing short of a sample of a strong professional spirit.

       As I was admiring it so much, Sasha held her chin and looked at today’s nomination list with interest.

       Inside the thin file album, there were profile photos of the maid working at the cafe.

       “I can nominate whoever I want, right?”

       I told her to take care of it because it was her money anyway.

       Then I opened the menu to choose something to eat.

       “…It’s expensive.”

       As soon as I saw the price on the first page of the menu, the words popped out before I realized it.

       The food itself was like omurice3Omurice is a Japanese dish consisting of an omelet made with fried rice. and pancakes, which are common types everywhere, but the price range was unreasonably high.

       No matter how much the service is included, omurice is 1,500 yen, so what kind of gold egg is it made of?

       I couldn’t understand as a son of a formal family, but it was ambiguous not to eat anything here, so I ordered an omelet rice and an orange juice.

       These two are already 2,000 yen.

       It was nearly half of my weekly allowance.

       Considering the basic admission fee, it wasn’t a cheap price.

       If I had bought it with my own money, I would have stopped breathing.

       “I’m done choosing. What do you want to eat?”

       “Just anything.”

       “…Then I’ll order the same thing.”

       On the other hand, this amount did not seem to be of much importance to Sasha, who had casually offered a bundle of million-yen bills for her request.

       She stared carefully at the maid’s name tag with her chin resting on her hand, then waved the bell on the table in a graceful motion.

       It looked like a painting, showing that Sasha was the daughter of a precious family.

       Every move is full of dignity.

       It is old-fashioned but in a different way than the president.

       “Yes~ did you call me? Master?”

       When the black-haired maid, who had entertained us just now, approached and asked in a friendly voice, Sasha said to her, pointing to one of the pictures on the nomination list.

       “Here, call me Hyoneko the cat maid.”

       “Yes, I got it~”

       A cat maid?

       I momentarily doubted my ears, the black-haired maid handed Sasha’s nomination card as she agreed.

       “Have you decided on a drink or meal to order, as well?”

       “…Oh, two omurice and two glasses of orange juice, please.”

       “Yes~ I got it~”

       The black-haired maid, who received the order without losing her smile from beginning to end, quickly walked toward the kitchen.

       I was able to relax on my chair only after I saw her back disappear.

       I just ordered something, but I already felt tired.

       Just an hour ago, I was having a fistfight with Russian machos on the street, and now I’m nervous about a maid cafe I’ve never been to before.

       If someone had heard this story, they would have told me not to joke.

       Sasha, who looked around the Maid Cafe interestingly after completing all the orders, suddenly asked me a question, as I was staring blankly at the ceiling.

       “Is this your first time at a maid cafe?”


       “That’s unexpected. I thought Japanese people come often.”

       “No, that’s prejudice. Usually, people don’t come to maid cafes… Maybe.”

       I looked around, answering like that.

       Because, surprisingly, it seemed that office workers and women were coming to the maid cafe.

       After waiting for a while, Sasha’s designated maid walked toward us with two glasses of orange juice on a tray.

       When she saw her figure, Sasha smiled and crossed her long legs like a model.

       “Hello! Master! Thank you for your nomination today nyan4“Nyan” is the Japanese word for “meow”.! I’m Hyoneko, the famous cat maid of Machi Asobi ☆ maid nyan!”

       Wearing a cat-eared headband over her head, the brown bobbed-haired maid smiled naturally as she said so.


       Time and space shrivel.

       I thought I had adapted to the otaku culture, but this was too much for me today.

       It feels like a student solving a middle school math problem suddenly had to solve a college-level math problem.

       Sasha said with a nonchalant look, nodding her head as I held back my desire to leave by pressing my thighs hard.

       “What can I get the nominated maid to do?”

       Then, the cat maid, Hyoneko, waved and explained in an exaggerated gesture.

       “First, I’ll draw a picture when the food ordered comes out nyan! Or I can play board games with the customers! Lastly, although the price is a little expensive, if you have a song request, I can sing it on the live stage nyan!”


       With her chin on her hand as if she was bored, Sasha’s eyes shone at the last word when she listened to her explanation.

       Then she took a bunch of blue bills out of the handbag she left next to the chair and put them down on the table.

       “How much do I have to pay to make you sing for 30 minutes?”

       “I, I’ll go ask at the counter, so wait a minute! No, wait nyan!”

       Hyoneko, who was surprised by the sudden cash clashing, forgot the concept for a moment.

       Sasha took a sip of orange juice and smiled fishily as the maid rushed to speak to the manager of the cafe.

       “It’s going to be fun now.”

       She’s the devil.


       That’s how Hyoneko’s live performance started.

       Anime songs that I’ve heard somewhere resonated in the cafe.

       Sasha hummed and sang along, as if she knew the song.

       Anyway, maybe because Hyoneko, the maid we named, was singing on stage, the black-haired maid we saw earlier served us the omurice on her behalf.

       “Here’s the omurice you ordered. Master.”


       I thought it was brilliant because of the price of 1,500 yen, but surprisingly it was quite a regular omurice.

       The amount seemed quite sufficient for adult males, so I didn’t think I had to order anything else.

       “Then I’ll cut it for you?”

       After asking for my consent, the professional Ms. Maid split the omelet on the rice with a knife.

       An egg waterfall flowed down over the rice as it spread from side to side.

       Shortly afterwards, she took some ketchup and drew a cute cat-shaped picture on the omelet.

       “Thank you.”

       It was when, after saying that, I picked up a spoon to take a spoonful.

       “Ah, wait a minute. Master. It’s not ready yet.”

       The black-haired maid stopped my movement, saying so, and then said, making a heart shape with both hands.

       “Please follow after me.”


       “Be delicious~ be delicious~ Moe-moe kyun♥”5“Moe moe kyun” is an otaku meme that originated from the Japanese anime K-On! It doesn’t really mean anything; it is more of a magical spell filled with good feelings.


       I unconsciously hardened my expression at the once-in-a-lifetime crisis that suddenly hit me.

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 39

EP.39 Fuma Yukika
At the same moment.

It’s a hidden site that anyone living in the back world of Japan knows.

An anonymous post was posted by locals on the free bulletin board of a Japanese server called the Darknet Medieval Jebland Branch.


1. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:27:18:47 ID:lokoisGod

I just got a call from a friend who works for EE security team, is it true that the black yasha1 A yasha is a demon or spirit from the japanese folklore. was revived?

2. An unknown contractor

It’s real. I heard that the destroyer certified it himself. Still, rumors spread all over Tokyo after he was just seen fighting in Akihabara. No one took a video because EE was trying to control the information, but I’m sure more than a dozen of people has seen them fight.

3. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:28:37:13 ID:lokoisGod

So easy….

4. Mr. Unknown Hacker

Isn’t black yasha a bubble? If it’s a person from 10 years ago, honestly, I think it’s a mix of exaggeration.

5. Unknown passing by


6. Unknown acupuncturist


7. Unknown fighter


8. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:30:23:47 ID:lokoisGod

Lololol Look at this Newbie lolololol Black yasha is definitely a bubble. Unbelie‘bubble’.

9. Mr. Unknown Hacker

If you want to contradict me, explain yourself.

10. Unknown acupuncturist

This… young friend would like you to shut up if you don’t want to find information by yourself. It makes me want to sew your mouth with a needle.

11. Unknown fighter

I’ve never seen a creep named Bubble before seeing the Legend of the Seven Kingdoms. Is your liver sticking out of your stomach? You’re not going to go far.

12. Unknown passing by

(This comment has already been deleted by Ivan’s bodyguard)

13. An unknown patriot

(Fluttering Japanese flag GIF) If you’re Japanese, black yasha is the only Japanese among the Legend of the Seven Kingdoms.

14. Mr. Unknown Hacker

(A foreigner being surprised by an automatic door taxi GIF) Don’t you get sick of that soup?

15. An unknown patriot

(49 Surprising Things About Japan That People Around the World Are Surprised About! GIF) Yes, I’m not tired of it~ It’s always thrilling~ It’s always new~

16. Unknown passing by

Why is that fake patriot always on the bulletin board. Are you always on the forum?

17. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:40:55:06 ID:lokoisGod

To be honest, I think it’s kingly. Get out of your house!!!

18. Mr. Nameless who loves anonymity

The fact that the NINJA, which appears in the “Sasuke Bingo Book2Bingo Books are black books used by ninja that contain any and all information on black-listed ninja they are to target.,” kept historical evidence is also written in the classics.

19. Unknown acupuncturist

It’s driving me crazy…

20. Mr. Unknown Hacker

But like you said, if Black Yasha is such an amazing person, why did he suddenly disappear without saying anything? You said he was the strongest contractor in the back world.

21. Clubbing addict

Tsk… That’s what this old man will explain…

22. Unknown fighter

I didn’t call my grandfather. Start.

23. Unknown acupuncturist

Why am I the only one who gets angry when only old man is written in Chinese characters?

24. Clubbing addict

Black Yasha… So, it was one summer night in 1999 that the 17th head of the Fuma ninja army, Fuma Kotaro, began to stand out…

25. Mr. Unknown Hacker

Can someone summarize it in one line.

26. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:48:21:36 ID:lokoisGod

Ivan the destroyer said he wanted to find an opponent, he suddenly came out with the first God of Fist in 1999, went to the finals and became a legend.

27. Clubbing addict

The martial arts competition… When the world’s most powerful men gathered together for wealth and honor… A man in a black ninja suit suddenly appeared…

28. Unknown passing by

/*hahaha*/ How long are you going to explain that concept.

29. An unknown patriot

Japan’s NINJA is invincible and Black Yasha is a god.

30. An unknown contractor

You actually like it with ‘all your might’, don’t you?

31. An unknown patriot

Argh! No!

32. Unknown fighter

The book of morality makes even the bastards who used to throw ignorant patriotic gifs freak out….

33. An unknown contractor

‘Sasuke bingo book’ R.e.a.l.l.y.f.u.n.n.y.

34. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:55:27:53 ID:lokoisGod

Oh~ I’m not looking~ A picture that’s too old to be true, but it’s the story~

35. Clubbing addict

At the end of the century… at a time when the world was in full swing with Nostradamus’3Nostradamus was a French astrologer, apothecary, physician, and reputed seer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties, a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events. prophecies and the hosting of the God of Fist, the black-haired soldier of fortune, who suddenly appeared, challenged the world’s strongest men…



Although it was a long time ago, Fuma Yukika, who couldn’t go home because of her part-time job, skimmed through the anonymous post on the Darknet’s thread bulletin board and prepared herself to go out even though she was half in doubt.

This is because Fuma Kotaro, the black yasha mentioned in the bulletin board, was her father who left home about 10 years ago.

She didn’t know if the Black Yasha, who was seen in Akihabara, was really her father, but it was worth visiting.

‘Will he remember my face. ‘

Only 10 years ago, the Fuma ninja army, which was not in such a tight spot, naturally collapsed when her father, who was at the center, left the village.

As every one of the clans turned their backs to their hometown to find a way to live, their power gradually decreased, and now they only maintain their reputation.

They haven’t actually met yet, but all kinds of emotions swirled in her mind.

She wanted to ask why he left the village and why he abandoned her.


Mumbling awkwardly a word that had not been said for a very long time, Fuma Yukika locked the door of the rented room and headed to Akihabara where a black yasha was seen.


Entering Akihabara’s complex alleyway avoiding people’s eyes, the place we headed to was a coin laundry.


The hooded jumper ruined by dirt and kidnappers’ blood was turning into the washing machine, and I asked Sasha, who looked at her smartphone as if she was bored.

“So, what are you going to do next?”

Sasha then answered, raising her gaze that was stuck on the screen.

“First of all, I want to go sightseeing in Akihabara.”

“Aren’t you being chased?”

“You knocked them all down, so it’ll probably be fine for a few hours. For now, you just have to protect me until 7 o’clock as you promised earlier.”

Now that I had already received the advance, I could not complain about her decision.

Instead, I decided to discuss with her what had been bothering me for a while.

“More than that, the fight we had was not posted on the Internet.”

To be honest, there were so many witnesses, so it wouldn’t be strange if one or two videos were taken.

However, even if I went around a few Internet bulletin boards, it was strangely quiet without saying anything.

Sasha then said, crossing her legs with a relaxed expression.

“It was probably because of the EMP4 An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a brief burst of electromagnetic energy..”


“EE combatants start by spraying EMP pulses to turn the electronic devices into blackouts during major operations. These days, videos are spreading so fast on social media.”

“Then what about the post?”

“It must be in cooperation with the Japanese cabinet to control information. It’s possible with EE’s potential.”

I started to wonder what EE was all about, which had been mentioned through her mouth for a while now.

Don’t tell me she’s talking about a person.

Sasha explained with a serious look when she heard my question.

“EE stands for the Russian military giant Easter Egg Company.”

“…Why would they kidnap you in such place?”

“I told you earlier, didn’t I? I’m the child of someone who’s pretty high up in Russia.”

“Did you?”

To be honest, the story was so hectic that I half forgot.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Just in time, the notification rang that the laundry was done, so I opened the washing machine door and took out the clean hooded jumper from the inside.

Damp with water.

Putting it back in the coin dryer next to me and spinning it, I asked Sasha, who was yawning with her back against the washroom glass wall.

“So where do you want to go next?”

“Huh? Isn’t it obvious?”

Sasha turned the smartphone screen she was looking at and showed it to me.

“If you’re in Akihabara, it’s definitely a maid cafe.”

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 38

EP.38 Black yacha

One of the 12 Guardians, the most glorious place for those who follow Ivan the destroyer,

Captain Boris Makarov thought as he looked down at the Asian standing in front of him.

“Unexpected soldier.”

It was surprising that there was still a strong man of this magnitude in the Far East Island nation.

Although it is impossible to guess his age from the outside, the man’s body in front of him, who has been training his body for decades, was also excellent in completion.

If it wasn’t for this kind of occasion, they would have had a long conversation while tilting a glass of vodka.

But now they are enemies.

It seemed like he was hired as an escort for a day by the lady who ran away from the hotel, but it was none of his business for his subordinates.

‘I’ll deal with you sincerely.’

When Boris, who spread his feet shoulder-width apart, stretched his arms forward and lowered his trunk, the mitral and halo muscles naturally soared upward.

The figure looked like a huge tank aimed at the enemy.

Boris, a heavy tank with a unique attack posture of Sambo, a Russian martial art, was wary of the Asian still naturally standing, even though he was ready to attack.

Originally, a fight between masters is settled only by a moment’s carelessness.

Even more here because vital attacks are allowed in street fights where no rules exist.

‘Is he faking? Why isn’t he moving?’

Fighting originally begins only when someone attacks first.

However, no matter how long he waited, Boris eventually decided to take the first attack.


While kicking the ground hard, a shoulder tackle with his huge size like a bear.

Until now, most of those who thought Boris would be slow to move because of his size could not even react, and they were hit by his body like a heavy tank and taken down.

Just before colliding with each other, the Asian, who had not moved until he reached a short distance, finally pulled out his hand that had been stuck in his pocket.


The Asian fist had been buried in Boris’s face before he knew it.

As a result, the neck that was facing forward was bent.


The eyes couldn’t keep up.

No, it was faster than that.

The speed of attack was like a flash!

Boris had heard about a technique similar to this before.

‘Great and mighty!’

Japanese samurai quickly plucked the sword from their sheath and honed the technique of counterattack to counter the enemy’s surprise attack.

The man in front of him reproduced it with his pants pocket and bare fist!

‘But not yet!’

The first attack was taken away by surprise, but he was not weak enough to collapse with only one blow.

Pain was a testament to life for the former Captain Boris Makarov, who successfully led various special warfare and infiltration missions, even in the Afghan war.

“Come ooooon!”

He throws up a shout from deep inside his lungs, forcing his body to fly backwards by inertia!

Boris, who barely stepped on the ground, succeeded in hanging his arms on the man’s log-like body and legs.

‘I’ll knock you down like this!’



It was as if he were dealing with a rock the size of a house.

Despite his full push, the Asian in front of him did not move a step.

‘Where the hell does this power come from?’

Weight class is a big part of fighting.

Boris followed Ivan around the world, but rarely met anyone of a similar weight.

But the Asian standing in front of him had an incredibly great muscle strength.

As if weight difference was nothing!

In the meantime, the opponent grabbed Boris’s suit belt.

A tense confrontation between the two.

As we entered a full-fledged power struggle, a tendon popped out of Boris’s temple.

“Let’s do thiiis!”

If you can’t do it with strength, you will win with skills!



For a moment, he moved the center of gravity in front of him to the back, broke the opponent’s posture, and walked his legs on his to quickly succeed in taking him down.

The Asian broke his poker face for the first time as his back hit the asphalt floor strongly, but there was no room for joy.

Right after the take-down, Boris links technique with submission, the flower of the three steps.

Hold the other person’s arm, hold the body with the other two legs, and pull it with both arms!


Suddenly, Boris opened his eyes wide without realizing it because of the feeling of floating surrounding him.

The black-haired Asian, who thought he had completely overpowered, lifted Boris, who weighed as much as 150kg, with one hand!

‘No way!’

He hurriedly released his arm and tried to escape, but his body, which had already been elevated by his opponent, did not listen to him.

His huge body was turned upside down.

The cold asphalt floor was creeping in.

Boris quietly closed his eyes as he predicted his soon-to-be future as he was carried from head to toe to the ground.

‘I’m sorry, Tsar.’



Having managed to knock down the captains of the kidnappers, I had a late dry cough.

‘I thought I was freaking out.’

I usually tend to try to use the right and nice words, but I couldn’t help it for today.

It’s because I literally almost got screwed.

‘I was definitely going to lose on his arm bar at the end.’

The mere thought of the pain that would have come when the technique was properly caught gave me chills.

After realizing that I was at the same school as Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character, and started training in earnest, I’ve never saw myself as being small, but this bear-like man was worse than me.

Because we couldn’t communicate with each other, a sudden fight started without a statement.

The man waited for me to move and tried to tackle me first to see if I could stand it any longer.

Fortunately, I didn’t fall because I learned how to defend against single-track tackles from Director Nakayama before, but the man soon broke my posture with his leg and made me fell to the asphalt floor without hesitation.

To be honest, it was the first time I had been hurt like this in the last three years.

That’s why I seemed to have changed his mind.

In the end, I almost tried my best to lift the man with one arm and put him on the ground in case I got caught in his arm bar.

“Ugh… Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…”

Standing on the street where no one was passing anymore, taking a rough breath, Sasha, who entered the phone box and staged a sit-in until the end, carefully opened the door.

Then she muttered in a dazed voice.

“…Did you knock Boris down?”

“Boris? Is his name Boris?”

“What? Yes, he is very famous in the back world of Russia.”

I asked her as I shook off my dusty hoodie.

“I think he was the captain of the kidnappers, so you’re not being chased anymore?”

Sasha then replied with a strange expression.

“Maybe…I guess so?”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

At least, it was worth the pain, blood and sweat.

“I think you’re bleeding more than you should. Are you okay?”

“Oh, this is not my blood.”

As I said so, I glanced around at the other Russians lying around, Sasha exclaimed, “Ah,” as if she had belatedly come to enlightenment.

They made such a fuss in broad daylight in Akihabara, where there are many people walking around during Golden Week.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be strange if a video was taken and spread on the Internet.

This… I should believe in the kindness of the mange world, right?

“Let’s move for now. We’ve caught too many people’s attention.”

When I said that while wearing the hooded jumper’s hat, Sasha nodded and pressed her baseball cap deeply.

People who had already fallen far away and watched the fight were creeping toward us, so we decided to run away before it was too late.



“Hm, it’s me.”

[Captain Boris has been attacked.]

“…Boris? I don’t think there’s a martial master in Japan able to knock him down.”

[He’s about 190cm tall, and he’s an Asian man. His hair is black and wild.]

“Is that him?”

[Tsar, do you have any idea?]

“There is one person that comes to mind, a Japanese who corresponds to the description you mentioned. A guy who suddenly disappeared 10 years ago.”

[Are you talking about black yacha?]

“Yeah. If it’s Huma Kotaro, it wouldn’t be strange if he knocked down Boris. He’s one of the Seven Powers like me.”

[If the man she hired is truly Huma Kotaro, we cannot recapture her by ourselves!]

“I know. So, I’ll go myself.”

[What? The Tsar has to destroy the remnants of Shichiezan hiding in Hokkaido…]

“The work is done.”


[… I see. Then I’ll send a private jet over there right now.]

“Ahah, please. I’ll be playing hide-and-seek with these cockroaches in the meantime.”

[War of fortune.]


After his communication with Nikolai, one of the guards dispatched in Tokyo, the muscular man broke the radio in his hand with only his grip, smiled brutally against the backdrop of a burning factory.

“I can enjoy it after a long time.”

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 37

EP.37 Alexandra Ivanovna Romanova

‘Wait, is this the original story?’

Something was out of the ordinary.

If it was right for her to appear at this time, there would have been Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character, in Akihabara.

From what I’ve seen so far, the introduction of the event in the original seemed to happen unconditionally.

However, I met her for the first time, and the main character still hasn’t been seen yet.

If so, it is safe to say that this is the time before she first appeared in the original.

‘Are you saying that the main heroine of the original story is being chased by the same Russians?’

To be honest, I hadn’t really understood the situation yet.

When I saw them earlier, they were all extraordinary in physique, so they were like people who had proper combat training.

Maybe Sasha wouldn’t last long alone.

Not knowing the future, I couldn’t decide whether to leave her unattended or protect her.

It was when I was agonizing with such a serious expression.

Sasha, who was looking around in front of me, took out the bundle of money she saw earlier from the handbag she was wearing on her shoulder.

“I’ll hire you as a bodyguard. I just need you to protect me until 7 p.m. tonight. I’ll pay you in advance. What do you think? Isn’t it pretty good for a request that only takes about six hours?”

I suddenly felt my heart pounding with the bundle of money in front of me.

Now, hold on.

Calm down. This sounds like a trap.

You’re suddenly offering a huge amount of money to me, who you’ve never met before?

To avoid showing signs of agitation as much as possible, I asked Sasha in a calm voice.

“You’re going to hire me for this?”

Sasha then narrowed her brows and took out another bundle of money from her handbag.

“Okay. You’re saying that only one million yen is not enough, right? Then if you succeed in protecting me until 7 p.m., I’ll give you an extra 1 million yen. I can’t do more than this.”

I tried to calm down and solve it with conversation, but the amount doubled in an instant.

My eyes were spinning.

With this money, manga were not a problem, I could buy a rack that I never dreamed of buying because it was expensive.

In other words, it is money that could afford a home gym, one of the dreams of all athletes.

I grabbed a bundle of money on the table without realizing it.

“I’ll do it.”

“Huhu, then the contract is established, right?”

Well, shouldn’t we just have to wait for the next six hours?

I shook hands with Sasha, who had a meaningful smile.


Alexandra Ivanovna Romanova.

A girl from Russia, commonly nicknamed Sasha by her close friends, smiled with satisfaction.

‘I was lucky.’

She came to Japan for the first time in a while under the pretext of being an exchange student.

But Papa who had a lot of worries, Papa’s men wrapped themselves around her too much.

That was why she sneaked out of the hotel in Shibuya with cash from his card.

However, her escape almost ended in vain an hour after her escape due to the pursuit of bodyguards with combat capabilities that are considered as the bests in Russia.

In the meantime, she met a Korean named Kim Yoo-sung in front of her in an alley.

‘This man is strong.’

Since Sasha was young, she has been with Papa, the destruction god of Russia, so she could roughly feel the strength of others.

And among the humans in the back world that Sasha has met so far, the strength of this man, Kim Yoo-sung, is in the upper middle.

A strong man at this level would buy her quite a bit of time against Boris, whose her father himself asked him to take charge of her escort.

It could only be expressed that it was really fortunate to meet a strong man of this level in another country in this station while fleeing the pursuit of the bodyguards.

“Two tonkotsu ramen! Enjoy your meal, Gentlemen!”

Splitting the chopsticks to taste the Japanese-style ramen that finally came out, , Sasha calculated the remaining time.

‘In the next six hours… That’s enough to go sightseeing in Akihabara, right?’

Papa won’t say much if she plays moderately and come back.

In such a careful calculation, the two began to accompany each other.


We came back to Chuo-dori after finishing the ramen.

This was purely due to Sasha’s outfit, because she was wearing a black blouse and a long skirt with frills, making it quite uncomfortable to move.

She went into a prominent clothing store, bought jeans and a baseball jumper, and quickly changed out of the changing room.

Since she was originally pretty, it looked one her like a model no matter what she wore.

She asked a clerk to mail her original clothes to a hotel lobby by courier, and then strutted in her baseball cap.

“What do you think? Do I look like a local now?”

“To be honest, tourists are better than locals.”

No matter how colorful hair colors exist because this is the manga world, silver hair, which is close to blue, was quite unique.

Literally, it is a color that makes you feel that it is a device to highlight the Heroin’s personality.

“Shit, the standards are tight.”

Sasha, who looked in the mirror and tied her long hair up to her waist in a ponytail, asked me.

“Is there any place to visit around here? It’s my first time in Japan.”

“Didn’t you say you’re running away from the kidnappers now? You won’t have time to relax and enjoy sightseeing”

“It’s better to have a lot of eyes. No matter how reckless people are, they won’t be able to move around among ordinary people.”

I didn’t feel like it, but I decided to go with her for now.

It’s my job to protect her if I have to.

“Then let’s move on. If you stay in one place for a long time, you’ll soon be discovered.”

“But who the hell are these people trying to kidnap you, that you’re so wary of?”

Then Sasha, who was leaving the store earlier, looked back and answered.

“Former elite agents from the KGB.”

…KGB? What’s that? The only KGB I know is lemon-flavored vodka.


I’ll be honest with you.

Tokyo in the 21st century.

In the middle of the crowded city center, I didn’t know that kidnappers who were aiming for Sasha would really fight so proudly.

“You said they wouldn’t be able to move if there was a lot of eyes!”

As I shied away from the fist that passed over my head, I shouted in a hurry, and Sasha, who was inside a pay phone box and staging a sit-in against men in black suits, shouted.

“I didn’t know they’d go this far!”

“Damn it!”

I hurriedly kicked the ones in front of me and pushed them away, I grabbed them by the neck and threw them away as they were trying to force open the phone box.


The foreign men fainted with a painful voice, perhaps because they were caught by the collar and pressed down on the carotid artery.

But I didn’t have time to worry about it, I had to shake my fist against another bunch of strong men that rushed in one after another.

‘It’s definitely a different level from the local bully.’

The average human being is likely to break with a little force, but the men in front of me endured it a little.

It may be because of the muscles that have been developed to a tremendous level and that you could see at a glance over the clothes.

However, the current situation could only describe the opponent as bad.

It may be unreasonable for them, but in the original love comedy, the bigger muscle wins.


Even though we’ve been fighting in one place for nearly 10 minutes in a 1:majority manner, when they seemed to be pushed back, one of the Russians surrounding me frowned and shouted so.

I don’t know what he talked about in Russian, but it certainly didn’t mean well.

Most of the words coming out in this situation are curses.

As the battle entered a lull, the men only faltered, looking at each other, but failed to attack easily, so I counted the remaining number of people.

One, two, three, four…

As I fought frantically surrounded by men in black suits, the number of people who were originally close to 20 was reduced to less than half.

‘I think it’s worth a try.’

It was when I clenched my fist thinking that way.

“Все отступите.”

Suddenly, a heavy low tone came from behind the foreign men who stood in front of us.

“Капитан Борис!”

Whether they were their superiors, they hurriedly stepped back to the left and right and saluted in a disciplined manner.

I think I’m pretty tall, too, but a foreign man who is nearly 2m tall stared at me as he walked forward.

‘He’s strong.’

I’ve never met him before, but it felt like it.

The Russian in front of my eyes was a natural strongman.

When my eyes met with him, who had no eyebrows, his muscle, which were sufficiently warmed up, came back to life by knocking down the small brim.

It was as if his body was pleased.

For meeting an enemy worth dealing with for the first time.

I don’t know how the situation got to this point, but I already had only one option.

‘I’m fighting.’

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 36

EP.36 A girl who fell off the sky

Unlike the previous years, I was busy on the first and second days of Golden Week, so I stayed at home for about two days.

In fact, I went down to the first floor and helped my parents with their store work, so the expression of being confined may have been misleading.

Anyway, Golden Week has already entered its fifth day.

This year, the end of the holiday is Friday, so it was only half of the time because the weekend was stuck, and it was a total of nine days of holiday.

On the first day of Golden Week, I left home for Akihabara around 10 a.m. staggering my body out of boredom at home to buy a new manga.



Although it is commonly known as a sacred place for otaku, it was originally a street with a stronger image of an electronic shopping mall until the early 2000s.

Although transportation is convenient because it is located in the center of Tokyo, there are so many large and small companies here that salary men in suits actively roamed the streets.

In that sense, it can be said that it is a strange position neighborhood where Otaku and salarymen coexist in many ways.

“Excuse me. Let me pass by.”

When you get off the crowded subway at any time during Golden Week, the first thing you welcome is various game advertisements and animation posters.

As if to imply that “the general public is prohibited from entering” from here, various subculture advertisements that cannot be seen in other stations disturbing the view.

If you go up to the ground along the stairs of history, what spreads out in front of you is a tall building forest.

However, unlike other streets, the walls were covered with all kinds of animation and game advertisements, giving off a heterogeneous atmosphere.

At first, I started studying out of necessity, but now I had a bookshelf of manga like an otaku.

However, whenever I came to Akihabara to buy manga, I was overwhelmed by the crawling atmosphere of the streets.

To be honest, I couldn’t stand it.

No matter how much I had the memories of Kim Yoo-sung, I couldn’t adapt to the unique atmosphere here.

“Right here or….”

Today’s destination is Shosen Book Tower.

It is a subculture bookstore in Akihabara, and it mainly deals with various manga and new books of Light Novel, so it was a perfect place for people who wanted to visit and buy books like me.

Walking along the familiar street, I quickly arrived in front of the bookstore.

When you enter the bookstore, you will see a store with a calmer atmosphere than you think.

It was because books mainly handled by Shosen were related to various subcultures and hobbies, but the atmosphere was not much different from that of general bookstores.

Compared to Enimate and Gamers, stores on the side of Chuo-dori Street, are a space that weren’t that different.

I looked through the titles of manga, which were attached to each genre and publisher, and picked up one by one if there was anything interesting

What I usually choose when I come to the bookstore is a book I enjoyed reading in the Jump or a series of love comedy published in other magazines.

Originally, even manga of the same genre have different tendencies depending on the magazine publishing them.

The shonen jump for mix a bit of battle, the shonen Sunday for a traditional love comedy, a shonen magazine with a large adult readership for a lot of skirt raised.

Therefore, it was necessary to check the information steadily in this way to not miss the latest trends.

It took me about 30 minutes to select 10 books, and after I finished paying at the checkout counter, I put all the manga I bought in a backpack I brought from home.

This is the end of my business trip to Akihabara, so I should go home after eating lunch.

Thinking that way, after leaving the Shosen Book Tower, I checked the time on my cell phone, and it was already almost 12 o’clock.

I decided to use the side road to go to my regular ramen restaurant before it was too late.

If you go out on the big street, there are basically a lot of people walking around, because it is time for all stores in Akihabara to start soliciting customers.

Golden Week, which attracts more customers because it is a holiday, was a boom time for such stores.

It was when I was rushing to go to the ramen restaurant.

“Get out of the way!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice above my head.


When I looked up to see what was going on, a black panty that filled my vision.

Seeing the complicated embroidery, it is a very expensive… No, this isn’t the point.

I hurriedly spread my arms to catch the falling person.

Then the girl who just yelled at me to get out of the way, said “tch!”, clicked her tongue briefly then curled herself slightly in the air.

As a result, I took it more easily with both arms, and suddenly dropped her off from the sky to the floor, trying to ask what happened.

But before I asked her a question, the ruggedly formal foreigners who had just jumped out of the place where she had jumped looked down at me and shouted:


I don’t know exactly what it means, but it was probably Russian.

As soon as I lowered my head to ask about the situation, the girl in the checkered beret grabbed my arm and shouted.

“Help me!”

After saying that, she started running ahead of me, and I followed her without knowing why.

I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to help.

This is how most boy in manga are introduced.

After running so wildly, we were on the Chuo-dori Street.

As the saying goes, “If you want to hide trees, hide them in the forest”, with so many people on the street, even the foreigners just now won’t be able to find us easily.

When I went into a building nearby and took a breath, the girl I had just escaped with leaned against the wall and reached out to me.

“I’m Sasha, what’s your name?”

I accidentally shook hands with her and answered.

“Kim Yoo-sung.”

“What, weren’t you Japanese? Tourist?”

“I am from the second generation of Korean residents in Japan.”

When I explained so, the girl in the hat exclaimed, “Ah!”

“What are you being chased by them for? It looked unusual.”

Sasha then answered, scratching her cheeks.

“There are slightly complicated circumstances there, so it’s hard to answer.”

“…Then, I’ll go now. I hope you run away well.”

Then Sasha grabbed me in a flustered voice.

“Wait! It’s common sense to help a pretty girl like me without saying anything!”

“There is no such common sense in my dictionary.”

When I tried to shake her off coldly while saying so, Sasha hurriedly opened the handbag she had been wearing around her waist.

“Money! I’ll give you money! I have a lot of cash!”

I paused for a moment when I saw a bunch of blue money she had taken out of her bag.

Unless my eyes are wrong, it was all Mr. Yukichi.

That one could buy twice as many manga as I bought today.

At first, I thought it would be complicated, so I ignored it and tried to pass by, but when I saw the cash, I hesitated and asked.

“If you tell me why you’re being chased, I can help you. What do you want to do?”

Sasha then pondered for a moment and said yes and put the bundle of money back in her handbag.

“Let’s move to another place first. I think it’s dangerous here.”


The place where I took Sasha, an unidentified foreigner, is a regular ramen restaurant that I originally wanted to go to.

This place was pretty good in terms of avoiding people’s attention.

Because it is a restaurant located quite deep among the complicated back alleys of Akihabara, so it was a restaurant that only a few people knew.


As soon as we entered the store, we picked up a corner and sat down after hearing the boss’s loud greeting.

Since there was a partition in the middle, it was a place that was not noticeable unless you came inside the store and looked at it.

Maybe because she was a foreigner, I asked Sasha, who had an awkward Japanese accent, what she was going to eat.

Then Sasha replied, “Tonkotsu,” without any hesitation.

Well, the restaurant’s signature menu was Tonkotsu ramen made with pork bone broth that had been boiled for 10 hours, so it was the right choice.

Likewise, I chose Tonkatsu, and when I pulled out the meal ticket from the food ticket issuing machine in front of the store entrance, Sasha, who was sipping water from the cup, looked at me with a sullen eye.

I put the meal ticket down on the table, sat across from her and asked.

“So, what were you being chased for?”

Sasha then said as she took off her hat, which she had been wearing deeply on her head.

“My papa is quite famous in Russia. I think that’s why he tried to kidnap me for money.”

Blueish silver hair, naturally flowing down her shoulders.


I was speechless for a moment.

I didn’t notice it until just now because she was wearing her hat deeply, but now her face was familiar.

A Russian character who was one of the main heroes of “Scrambled Love” and was ranked second in popularity.

It was Alec something.

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 35

EP.35 The story between you and me

The story of Rika’s embarrassing past ended with me promising not to tell anyone, but there was still an awkward atmosphere in the room.

Currently, Rika had been unilaterally exposed to her embarrassing past and had become less talkative than usual.

What method should I use to make her come back to her original energetic self?

Agonizing alone in an uncomfortable atmosphere, I soon found an answer.

If she was ashamed because I knew her embarrassing past unilaterally, I could just open up my embarrassing past to Rika.

“Don’t be so embarrassed. Everyone gets the 8th grade syndrome at least once. I was pretty serious for me when I was in middle school, too.”


Rika, who was burying her face in a teddy bear, took the bait.

I nodded and showed a picture of my middle school years on my smartphone as evidence.

This is Kim Yoo-sung (3rd year of middle school) when he was immersed in urban fantasy manga and grew his bangs long.

It was taken before I was possessed, so he had rebellious eyes.

Kim Yoo-sung must have thought it was cool.

“What? This is Ryu-chan?” You’re lying!”

As she said so, Rika pushed her face closer, and opened her eyes wide.

Then she alternately looked at the old pictures in my smartphone and what I was now and looked like a child who knew the truth about Santa Claus.

“You were this small and cute in middle school, but how did you turn into a bumpy one?”

‘No, it’s weird to be surprised.’

Whining inwardly at her response, which was completely different from what I intended, I defended myself as sincerely as I could.

“When I was in middle school, I didn’t think I was very manly, so I started exercising during spring break before I entered high school. It just happened to overlap with my growth period and my height exploded.”

I was 167 centimeters tall when I was possessed.

In that state, when I started exercising with Director Nakayama, I started to grow explosively, and in my first year of high school, I was 180cm tall and now 186cm.

What was more surprising was that I was still growing.

After hearing my explanation, Rika looked at me in the picture as if it was a waste.

“If I had transferred two years earlier, I could have seen Ryu-chan at this time, right? What a shame.”

“So, you don’t like me now?”

“Oh, of course, Ryu-chan is okay now, too! But my face doesn’t match what I usually show”

Rika, who shook her hands and said so in a hurry, lowered her head, saying with a red face, “Wow, I think it was a too disorganized excuse” even if she thought about it.

Now that the rigid atmosphere seemed to be relieved, I told her with a simple smile.

“Everyone has a shameful time. So, you don’t have to be so distressed.”

“Ugh… If I could erase only one picture in my life, I would definitely choose that one.”

As Rika complained, she ate a Pocky, a snack she had brought from the first floor.

Still, she felt much better than before.

As expected, it seemed more comfortable to share the embarrassing past of both sides.

It was like holding the other person’s secret.

Having managed to have a normal conversation like that, I bowed my head and thanked Rika.

“Thank you for inviting me to your house today. Thanks to you, I was able to meet my respected Kishimoto-sensei and get his autograph. Today will probably be a memory that I will never forget.”

Then Rika said shyly, scratching the back of her head.

“Don’t make me laugh too much. I just asked Papa for everything. Rather, if I can repay you for being helped by Ryu-chan from the first day of transfer, I will invite Ryu-chan to my house as much as he wants.”

As a fan, there was no story that made me feel more overwhelmed than him to meet Mr. Kishimoto at any time.

“Wouldn’t it bother you if I come too often?”

“That’s all right. When I was in middle school, my friends always came to play once a month and had a pajama party!”

The conversation seemed a little different between a friend of the same sex and a friend of the opposite sex visiting often, but I decided not to point it out for Rika’s innocence.

“Then I’ll take care of you again next time I have a chance.”

“Hehe, feel free to come and play.”

When the conversation between us ended, to some extent, there was silence in the room.

However, it was not as awkward as before, but just a comfortable silence, so I felt comfortable.

I couldn’t think of anything to talk about, so I got up from my seat because I thought I’d read something from the bookshelves full of manga.

As I approached the bookcase that occupied one side of the room and began to look carefully, Rika, who sat on her bed, instead of a cushion on the floor, and ate snacks in a comfortable position, asked.

“What made you like manga?”

I answered, looking through the title of the manga.

“When I was young, I often stayed home alone. I think I naturally read manga because my parents were both working and there was no one to play with me since they weren’t at home.”

I picked a book that looked moderately interesting and sat on the cushion again, so I asked Rika in reverse.

“Rika, what made you like manga?”

Then, Rika, who was hugging the cushion and watching a humor video on her smartphone, turned her head, saying, “Huh?”

“Me? I’m just… Since my father is a mangaka, I naturally read it. When my mom went out and my dad saw me alone, he always showed me manga. Well, is this also the power of early education?”

I opened the first chapter of the manga and said teasingly.

“You don’t call them Papa and Mama now.”

Then Rika blushed.

“I don’t always call them Papa and Mama?!”

“Wow, calm down. No one said it was wrong.”

While chatting like that and reading the manga recommended by Rika, two hours passed by.


In fact, the signatures, which was the original purpose, has already been resolved immediately, and even though it was a friend’s house, it was rude for a guest to stay for too long, so I closed the book at the right time and got up from my seat.

Then Rika, who was reading a manga like me, tilted her head and asked.

“Are you going to go?”

“Yes, I’ve been around for quite a while. I’ll have dinner at home.”

When I pointed to the clock hanging on the wall, Rika murmured, “It’s already this time.”

It had already been four hours since I came at 12 o’clock.

“Then I’ll send you off.”

Rika stood up from the bed saying that.

I asked because I suddenly thought of something while packing the bag I put on the floor.

“Come to think of it, did you say you were going to travel abroad with your family from tomorrow? Where are you going?”

Then Rika proudly said, drawing a V with her finger.


“Have a good time. Make sure to put on sunscreen.”

“Hehe, sometimes Ryu-chan acts like a father.”

In reality, I felt like I was looking at my younger sister with a slight age gap, but I didn’t bother to correct it.

After saying goodbye to Kishimoto-sensei in the study and Maria, who was watching a drama in the living room, I was putting on my shoes in front of the front door, and Rika said with a cat-like smile.

“Then we can’t see each other for a week. Ryuchan, can you cry because you will miss me?”

I stared dumbfounded at Rika telling such a joke, and then made a phone shape with my right hand.

“Call me if anything happens. I’ll be there to help if you don’t mind.”

“Are you going to swim to Hawaii?”

“…I’m going to fly normally. I’ll break my pocket money account.”

When Rika heard that, she giggled and nodded.

“Yes, then I’ll see you at school. Ryu-chan.”


I said as I opened the front door.

“See you at school.”


As Rika Kishimoto looked at Kim Yoo-sung’s from behind, her heart clenched.

‘Call me if anything happens. I’ll be there to help if you don’t mind.’

She honestly thinks she was a foul.

She was careless because she thought it was over, but he suddenly said that.

The reason why she became fond of Kim Yoo-sung was apparently because of his appearance as the main character of a shonen manga.

But it wasn’t love at first sight or anything.

At first, He was just going to be a comfortable friend.

However, as they walked together laughing and chatting, at one point, her eyes were naturally chasing Kim Yoo-sung’s back.

She liked the gap, he was blunt on the outside, but secretly cared on the inside.

It was like a big bear, but she was never scared and like the reassurance.

Countless people had confessed to Rika Kishimoto throughout her 17 years of elementary, middle and high school.

However, she hated the insidious gaze toward her body, which was better developed than his peers, so she refused and pushed them away.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo-sung looked at her eyes first when he talked to her.

There were times when her eyes went down, but she was so embarrassed that she quickly turned her eyes away.

She wasn’t afraid.

Rather, she was slightly happy that he paid attention to her.

‘I like you.’

She mumbles silently as she looked away at his back.

She had practiced alone several times at home, but it didn’t come out in front of him.

Fortunately, there was still a lot of time left until graduation.

‘Someday, for sure.’

With that determination, she rubbed the back of Taro’s neck clinging to her feet and acting cute.

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 34

EP.34 The embarrassing past in the album

After the meal, Kishimoto-sensei showed me around his studio as promised.

Materials for human reference, various collections of oriental paintings, various manga and tablets, etc.

It was very impressive to see in person the studio that I had only seen in pictures.

“At home, I usually only work on the content, and I actually draw manga in the studio next door. I’m the type that’s hard to concentrate at home.”

While saying that with folded arms, Kishimoto-sensei smiled.

However, as I was satisfied enough to see the studio of my favorite mangaka, I didn’t want anything more.

“Oh, sensei, can I have your autograph, please?”

“Fine, as much as you want.”

When I heard that, I took out the entire collection of the golden samurai I had in my bag.

The 28 manga were quite stained after reading them several times.

Teacher Kishimoto left a signature on the inner cover of the books one by one.

After getting all 28 copies signed, I bowed my head with great satisfaction after getting my autograph.

“Thank you, sensei! I’ll keep it forever!”

Then Mr. Kishimoto smiled politely and waved his hand.

“Haha, it’s just a signature of someone like me. Just stay close to my daughter.”


After looking around the studio like that, I went up to the second floor, led by Rika.

“Ta-da! This is my room!”

Should I say that it was kind of unexpected?

Her room was entirely decorated in a relaxed tone.

Although the cute props stood out, it felt incredibly modern for a 17-year-old girl’s room.

‘Is it Rika’s mother taste?’

I stepped into the room thinking so and was surprised to see manga volumes filling one wall.

“Hehe, a little disturbed? When my friends first came to my house, they showed the same reaction as Ryu-chan.”

I usually thought Rika liked shonen manga a little.

However, now that I saw it, it was not a little, but a lot.

It was simply spectacular to see shonen manga, which can be known by their names, being separated by genre and stuck in the bookshelf.

People would mistake it for a library, not a room.

“Now, sit here and wait. I’ll bring some tea and something to eat.”

I sat on the cushion in front of the sitting table, as Rika recommended.

It was my first time visiting a girl’s room, but I felt unexpectedly comfortable.

Was it because of the shonen manga? It felt like I was at one of my friend’s houses.

Rika, who was leaving the room to go to the kitchen, looked back and said,

“While I’m gone, can you not touch anything? I’ll get really mad if you get caught.”

“Got it.”

Perhaps because we were at an age sensitive to privacy, I guess she was worried about leaving her room alone.

When I nodded, saying okay, Rika left the room saying she would go quickly.


It was not until I was left alone in the room that I felt a little conscious of reality.

It’s a life that I wouldn’t have imagined in the past to come to my friend’s house on a holiday.

I never had that kind of feelings for Rika, but I felt strange staying alone in a girl’s room.

Maybe it was just my feeling, but I thought the room smelled fragrant.

My room usually smelled like sweat.

I decided to play games to clear my mind until Rika came back.

It was when I just ran a game on my cellphone thinking that way.


Suddenly, Rika’s mother came into the room.

“Oh, ma’am?”

When I panicked and tried to get up, Rika’s mother closed the door slightly, telling me to sit comfortably.

“I look too old when you say “ma’am,” so feel free to call me Maria.”

… Can I call my friend’s mother like that?

I hesitated to speak for a moment, but with the constant urging, I was forced to call her Ms. Maria.

“Well, what brings you here all of a sudden, Ms. Maria?”

Of course, I thought she’d be on the first floor.

Since Rika went down to the first floor to prepare refreshments.

Then Maria, who heard my question, said playfully with an evil smile.

“It’s just to show my daughter’s embarrassing past~”

“Her embarrassing past?”

I couldn’t imagine it well, so when I blinked, Maria smiled and showed what she was hiding behind her back.

“Ta-da! This is the photo album that shows Rika’s growth process. Aren’t you curious as a friend, Yoo-sung?”

It was a very obvious event to go to a friend’s house and look at a photo album, but it was a trial that I wanted to experience at least once as a reader.

Eventually, when I nodded shyly after being tempted, Maria sat across from me and opened her secret photo album.

The album, which chronicles Rika’s growth, started from infancy.

“This is Rika when she was 1 years old, this is Rika when she was 2 years old, and this is Rika when she was 3 years old, and this is a picture taken when she went to England with me.”

Maria recounted the faded memories, pointing out the pictures one by one, and telling an anecdote related to them.

“Ah, this is Rika from the school arts festival. It was so cute that she came home with a sad face and complained about the role of a tree she got by drawing lots.”

Maria laughed as she said so and slowly moved the album to the next page.

“Oh, I miss this, too. I took this picture when I went to the Comiket for the first time with Rika.”


When I heard something completely unexpected, I turned my head unconsciously.

In the photo, a blonde mother and daughter in twin tails were posing with a modern cane in a black costume.

It is a rival character of Magic Girl, which was popular about 10 years ago.

I had never seen it, but I remembered it because of Kim Yoo-sung’s memories.

When I looked at Maria with a perplexed expression, she smiled proudly and said,

“I used to be a first-generation cosplayer. Since I was young, I wanted to cosplay with my daughter when I got one.”

Very naturally, Maria, who revealed her old job, continued to explain the following photos.

“Oh, this is the picture I took when I was in C73. My husband took this picture when I was in C78.”

In the photo, Maria was cosplaying all kinds of foreign characters, taking advantage of being a blonde foreigner.

Rika, her daughter, was always next to her.

“Huhu, isn’t my daughter so cute? She had a talent for cosplay because she looked like me.”

To be honest, it was nothing else than a culture shock in many ways to say that cosplay was taught early to her.

Is she talking about Rika’s embarrassing past?

When I was nodding my head, somehow convinced,

“Ah, I finally found it. My daughter’s embarrassing past.”

“What? There’s more?”

I was surprised that there was a worse embarrassing past than this.

Honestly, at this point, I was wondering what the picture was.

Perhaps because she was satisfied with my response, Maria nodded her head and showed me a picture of the album.

In the picture, Rika, a middle school student with an eye patch on her right eye and a black gosroli costume and a red lens, looked so cool…


Hearing a pointed voice from behind my back, I hurriedly closed the album.

“Oh my, you’re already here?”

Maria welcomed Rika with a calm expression.

Rika, who walked with a red face, hit the tray she was holding while putting it down on the table to make a sound and asked Maria.

“Did you show them?”

Then Maria smiled tenderly and nodded.



Rika was bursting with shame.

She wasn’t as bright and playful as usual and looked genuinely ashamed.

That’s right, it’s understandable if a friend in the same class discovered a picture of you with the 8th grade syndrome.

If I were in the same situation, I’d find a rat hole first to hide.

When I hesitated because I didn’t know how to console her, Rika said with a tearful look.

“I don’t do any cosplay anymore It’s true! That’s just… It’s a mistake I made during a stormy period!”

“Uh, yeah. I trust you.”

As I nodded saying so, Rika was somehow in even more pain.

Is it the cry of someone who got caught with her embarrassing past.

Maria, who was happily watching her daughter suffer, put the album on her side and waved her hand slightly.

“Then Mama will get going. You two have a good time~”

Then Rika jumped up from the bed and shouted to the back of Maria’s head as she left the room.

“Don’t ever come into my room again!”

However, Maria closed the door slightly and walked out without any reply.

Rika, who was huffing to herself, asked me with a tearful face as if she still couldn’t relieve her anger.

“You’re going to keep this a secret, right?”

I nodded with a bitter smile.

“There’s no one to talk to anyway.”