I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 43

EP.43 Descendant of the Imperial family

Ivan Vladimirovich Romanov.

       48 years old this year.

       The world’s strongest martial artist nicknamed the Destruction God, and Tsar.

       He was born in 1969 in Vladivostok, where his grandfather was the illegitimate son of Nikolai II, the last emperor of the Russian Empire to collapse in the revolution.

       Although his bloodline was not officially recognized, his father’s generation lived rich thanks to the blood of the emperor, but Ivan’s father was forced to the ground due to debt while expanding his business.

       After an unhappy childhood, Ivan joined the Red Mafia force at the age of 17, which was based in Vladivostok, a floating port, and immediately became the top of the organization and started a weapon smuggling business.

       Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991, Ivan, who sold various weapons and tanks leaked from military units to Southeast Asia, Africa, or third world countries in civil war, accumulated huge capital with excellent business skills and became one of the richest in the rest of the world in just five years.

       When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian Federation was established, he founded the Easter Egg Company with the huge amount of money he earned from the arms business.

       Through its collusion with the Russian government, it has begun to build an incomparable wealth, making Easter Egg the world’s leading conglomerate.

       July 1999.

       At a time when the world was clamoring over whether Nostradamus’ prophecy would come true or not, Ivan, who turned 30, held the first “God Of Fist,” or the Kwonshin Competition, in the name of the group leader.

       The purpose of this contest was very simple.

       To decide on the world’s strongest martial artist.

       People from 138 countries around the world were enthusiastic about the month-long Battle Royale-style tournament, and Ivan, the first winner of the championship, became a legend of the later world with the nickname Angolmois.


       ‘It’s fun.’

       Ivan liked the Asian boy standing in front of him.

       Because it was like seeing himself as a child.

       At first, it was all caused by a misunderstanding.

       When he heard that Boris, one of his own guards, had collapsed, he thought the black yasha, which disappeared 10 years ago, was finally back.

       God of Fist, has now gained considerable publicity since it was first held in 1999.

       In the first, second, and third championship, he won, but in the fourth one, the black yasha, which he had encountered in each final, barely beat him and won.

       It would be natural for Ivan, who lost for the first time in his life, to be shocked and desperate to wait for the next tournament.

       However, his rival Black Yasha did not participate in the 5th ‘GOF’ held in 2011, and Ivan, who lost all motivation due to it, has not participated in any competitions since then.

       From Ivan’s point of view, of course, he was the person he wanted to meet more than anyone else.

       A guy named Fuma Kotaro.

       However, when he came, there was no black yasha like he expected, but only an Asian boy he saw for the first time.       

       Disappointed, he tried to return to the hotel with his runaway daughter, but suddenly he realized something was wrong. 

       Because a person not living in the back world of Japan could not have known the name “Fuma Kotaro.”

       So, he tested him.

       Whether the Asian boy in front of him really has nothing to do with the back world.

       And he shuddered.

       The fact that an average boy who really didn’t learn any martial arts knocked down Boris, his best man.

       A once in a century genius.

       Although he was a boy whom he met purely by chance, Ivan became greedy.

       Because it would be the loss of mankind to find this talent and leave it, and he felt like it was fate to find him.

       ‘If I raise him well, I can raise him to the level where he can compete with me in 10 years, no, 5 years.’

       Unlike himself, who had no choice but to learn by himself from beginning to end because he did not have a teacher, it was possible if he led him well as a teacher.

       Then instead of Fuma Kotaro, it was like a new rival reappeared in the world.

       From Ivan’s point of view, where everything became boring, the mere thought of it was really exciting.

       But the Asian boy turned down his unconventional offer.

       “Thank you for your offer, but I refuse.”

       The moment he heard it, Ivan thought.

       He thought he was too complacent.

       He had only met a few in 48 years who dared to refuse, and he seemed to take it for granted.

       “Really? Then die, too.”

       Now that it has come to this, he had to force him to accept his proposal.

       That was what he decided.


       I managed to stop the sudden fist with my right hand.

       Tingling! Tingling!

       The intense pain came up from the bone, even though it was prevented.

       The atmosphere was unusual when I looked at his eyes that became more violent than before.

       He really wants to kill someone.


       First of all, since he was Sasha’s father, I had been insisting defense, and now I launched my first attack for self-defense.

       The fast-stretched fist hits his exposed jaw.


       His neck bent backward from the impact.

       However, Sasha’s father, who returned his neck to its original state as if nothing had happened, muttered with a straight face.

       “It’s low.”

       Then he put his fist in my chin the same way I did just before.


       The blood vessels in my mouth burst, giving it a fishy taste of blood.

       In addition, the center of my body was disturbed, perhaps due to the shaking of the brain by getting hit on the chin.

       Sasha’s father, who slightly raised one foot in front of him and gathered two fists in front of his face, said.

       “I’ll give you a piece of advice, boy.”

       The moment the slightly lifted foot stepped on the ground strongly,

       “When you hit a person, whether the other person is weak or strong, you just hit him with the determination to kill him.”


       The ground was dented with a strong wave of force.

       A simultaneous series of violent attacks.

       Top, bottom, right, left, right upper end, right lower end, upper left, lower left.

       A fierce fistfight like the freezing cold in Siberia, pouring indiscriminately from a total of eight directions.

       As if the fight we just had was just a kid’s joke, the strength and speed on the punch changed.

       At the same time, the movements of the left and right hands were different, it was as if two people were attacking at the same time.


        My eyes can’t keep up!

       I managed to prevent it until the first 18 consecutive attack, but since then, my defense posture has collapsed rapidly, and I’ve been attacked by only brushing the vital points and money in his pocket.

       32 consecutive attacks in total.

       As he advised, my clothes were already in tatters thanks to the merciless fist that he gave with the energy to kill the other person.

       “Huff, huff, huff, huff.”

       All the vital points were avoided by the fists, but to be honest, it is difficult to breathe.

       The muscles of my whole body were screaming in pain.

       “Двойной орёл императора.”

       Sasha’s father, who stopped right in front of me, looked down at me, saying so in Russian.

       “In Japanese, it means the emperor’s double-headed eagle. It’s one of the mysteries of visionary martial arts that has been passed down to the Romanov royal family for generations.”

       In other words, it is a martial art of the Imperial family.

       It was a world view of the love comedy, and it was also a battle material in this area.

       “Boy, if you don’t want to die, come work for me. Then I’ll teach you all the skills I know, not just this skill. You’re a natural strongman. I will give you the power to reign over all the weak in the world.”

       “Uh, is that what you’re talking about after you’ve been beating people up?”

       I couldn’t help laughing.

       A person who falls into the category of the 8th grade syndrome was standing right in front of me.

       To give you the power to reign over all the weak in the world.

       In this day and age, people often say such shameful things with a straight face.

       I couldn’t even lift my arm because of the pain, but I managed to zip down my hooded jumper with a shaky hand.

       The pocket inside the hooded jumper was bulging.

       It was the 2 million yen that I received from Sasha earlier.

       To be honest, I was foolish to be relieved that money was safe until this point, but if I thought it was money to pack my home luggage, it was considered more precious than my life. (voir bonne trad de home luggage dans ancient chap)


       I threw my messed-up hoodie, then dressed in a t-shirt, I raised both fists.

       “As I said earlier, I have no intention of accepting the offer.”

       There were my parents.

       There was Director Nakayama.

       There was the president.

       There was the vice-president.

       There was Minami.

       There was Rika.

       There was Karen.

       After I was possessed by Kim Yoo-sung’s body, there were precious relationships that I had built over the years.

       I didn’t want to throw them all away and work for the man in front of me.

       Therefore, I decided to risk my everything and fight sincerely at this moment.

       “So be gentle and give up. Old man.”

       Sasha’s father, who listened to me, smiled like a ghost.

       “It’s great. It’s the eyes of a man who has his own beliefs.”

       Then he clenched his right hand’s fist and said,

       “Those beliefs, I’ll crush them.”


       At the end of the conversation, Sasha’s father’s fists and mine hit each other in the face at the same time.