I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 42

EP.42 Ivan the destroyer 

The muscular man who landed on the ground in a position commonly called superhero landing approached Sasha, ignoring me standing behind her.

       “You did a pretty funny thing. My daughter.”

       When she called him papa earlier, and listening to the current conversation, it seemed that the two were probably in a father-daughter relationship.

       Unlike the Russian machos I met during the day, they both talked in Japanese, so I could understand what it was about.

       It is the moment in manga that is strangely sweet?

       “How did Papa, who should be in Russia, get here?”

       “Huhu, I happened to come to Japan for a personal business. But when I heard that black yasha appeared in Tokyo, I’ve come running, leaving everything behind.”

       Sasha’s expression became strange when she heard that.

       “Why is the black yasha suddenly resurfacing?”

       Sasha’s father then shook his head and swept his hair as if it were absurd.

       “Didn’t you know? My daughter. The Japanese you hired as an escort today is Kotaro Fuma, one of the legendary seven-powerful men like me, a legendary contractor who disappeared 10 years ago!”

       As if really excited, Sasha’s father, who shouted in such a loud voice, looked at me standing behind his back and said,

       “Come on! Black yasha! That night 18 years ago! Today is the day of the unfulfilled victory… Hmm? Who are you?”

       Unable to keep up with the changing tension, I replied with an awkward look.

       “That… My name is Kim Yoo-sung.”

       “…Do you happen to know a guy named Fuma Kotaro?”

       “No, I’ve never heard of that name before.”


       The atmosphere is getting chilly.

       Perhaps Sasha’s father mistook me for a man named Fuma Kotaro.

       I don’t know where the misunderstanding came from, but it seems he looks like me.

       Anyway, I was worried that Sasha was going alone, so I tried to follow her, but I’m relieved her father came to meet her like this.

       I was a little surprised by the appearance of the love comedy style.

       After greeting the two, I decided to go home.

       “Well, then I’ll go now. That… Sasha you too.”

       “What? Oh, yes.”

       When I waved my hand saying that, Sasha nodded and accepted my greeting.

       It was when I was about to go home after lowering my head slightly to Sasha’s father, who was still standing as if something was missing.

       “Wait, wait, boy.”

       Suddenly Sasha’s father called me.

       When I looked back to see what was going on, Sasha’s father asked, staring at me with intense eyes.

       “I knew you had nothing to do with Fuma Kotaro. By the way, how did you win against one of my best men, Boris? An average person who doesn’t even know who the black yasha is.”

       Perhaps the big Russian he fought on the street earlier was Boris.

       When I heard that, I scratched my head because something came to my mind. 

       “If you meet him, could you tell him for me that I’m sorry? At the time, I thought he was a kidnapper and hit him without going easy on him.”

       “Oh. You hit him without going easy on him.”

       Sasha’s father took a step closer as if he had heard an interesting story.

       “Can you show me your power, too?”

       “Yes? What do you mean…”

       It was when I tried to ask back because I wondered what he meant.

       Sasha’s father, who was just around the corner, suddenly threw a fist at me.


       “What are you doing?!”

       I reflexively held out the backpack I was wearing on my back to prevent the attack, but Sasha’s father smiled violently as if he liked it even more.

       “That’s funny.”


       After gritting my teeth, I hurriedly stepped back, throwing away the bag I used as a shield.

       The previous attack turned the 10 manga in the bag into burning trash before I could even read them.

       Considering the money I received from Sasha today, it’s a drop in a bucket, but as a manga lover, the anger rose.

       But Sasha’s father shook his fists more enthusiastically, as if he would not give me a chance to fight back.

       A fierce attack that comes from all directions, up, down, left and right.

       It’s too late to avoid it, but after seeing his shoulder movement, I dodged all the fists that Sasha’s father wielded.

       As soon as the combination of 12 consecutive punch ended, he twisted his waist wide and turned around to shoot a kick.

       When I barely stopped the attack by crossing my arms and was pushed back a few steps in shock, Sasha’s father muttered, throwing away a leopard-patterned fur coat he was wearing on his suit.

       “It’s fun.”

       I’m going to die while dealing with him, what’s so fun about it.

       So, I shouted with anger.

       “Why the hell are you doing this to me?”

       Then Sasha’s father said as if he was asking something very obvious.

       “That’s because you’re a huge gemstone.”

       …A gemstone?

       I wondered what it meant, but Sasha’s father added an explanation.

       “A high school student without any combat training knocked down one of my best men with his bare hands with pure physical ability and combat sense? Someone will tell you not to joke. You’re a genius. A genius born every 100 years. You can believe it because I said it, the world’s strongest man.”

       Then he said with a greedy smile.

       “Come work for me, boy. That devilish talent, I’ll help you blossom.”

       The moment I heard Sasha’s father’s recommendation, which was likely to come out of a fierce battle, I was convinced.

       That this manga ‘Scrambled Love’ is not an authentic love comedy.


       The reason why I have been building muscles without a day off in case of an unexpected situation since I was possessed by Kim Yoo-sung’s body.

       That’s because the comic magazine where Scrambled Love was serialized was “Shonen Jump.”

       So far, I’ve been half in doubt.

       No matter how much the author put up an authentic love comedy as a catchphrase, however it is because the original story that happened so far was too ordinary for a manga that sold 10 million copies.

       In this magazine, it was almost impossible to win 10 million copies by competing only with an authentic love comedy in the jump that liked the three main elements of friendship, effort and victory.

       In particular, in the fierce competition between works, it is common to complete it early if you achieve the bottom of the postcard questionnaire ranking for several consecutive weeks.

       However, Scrambled Love survived until the end in such a jungle, and I heard that most of the hot topics scattered in the first half of the work ended.

       If that’s not the result of an authentic love comedy, what if it was because it changed to a jumping battle and it didn’t get kicked out in the middle?

       What if the author, who had been stubborn to the end, surrendered after being squeezed by the editorial department and suddenly drifted the battle water?

       That’s how everything went together.

       ‘Something was off.’

       Until now, I thought my muscles grew at an abnormal rate because I was the muscle comedy character of the love comedy’s. 

       However, I got goosebumps thinking that it was not possible because it was a manga, but a sign of Battle water Drift.

       I was being scouted by a man who looks so dangerous right now, in exchange for overbuilding my body.

       ‘It’s dangerous.’

       To be honest, I had already predicted that ordinary school life had gone away from the moment I became friends with Rika at the beginning of the semester.

       I did it with that in mind.

       However, I did not expect that the original Battle water Drift would turn out like this.

       It’s the original story, and I have to worry about my life first.

       When I, lost in my thoughts, said nothing and remained silent, Sasha’s father may have mistakenly thought I was thinking about it, adding some realistic conditions.

       “If you become a scholarship student at our Easter Egg Company, from now on, all tuition, college tuition, house, car, I’ll offer you everything, including a woman if you want.”

       …Honestly, it was a tempting condition.

       According to the explanation I heard from Sasha earlier, Easter Egg Company is one of the world’s leading conglomerates.

       There was no reason to not accept an offer to such place.

       However, I didn’t know much about the worldview in this manga to just listen to that and suddenly accept the offer right now.

       If that man is the final boss of the manga and falls to the main character at the end, the company could be broken down overnight.

       Well… this may be too much imagination because he’s the father of Sasha, one of the main heroes.

       I thought about this and that alone but accepting that offer right now would do more harm than good.

       And the more the worldview transformed into a battle from the Jump, the more likely it was to be safe to be near the main character.

       That’s the rules of the manga.

       I came to a conclusion after much consideration.

       “Thank you for your offer, but I refuse.”

       As soon as I said that, his expression with a friendly look changed suddenly.

       “Really? Then die, too.”

       Why’s that person so extreme?!