I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 41

EP.41 Mountains after mountains

I asked a question after a long thought.

       “Even if you don’t…”

       “No, I can’t. It’s the rule of our cafe.”

       The maid with black hair standing next to me said that and smiled refreshingly.

       ‘It’s driving me crazy.’

       With a smile on my face, I turned my head back to the front, stressed by the subtle pressure.


       Sasha, sitting in the opposite chair, was holding back her laughter with her palm covered by her mouth.

       Well, it’s funny to imagine a muscle mass over 180 cm tall making a heart with his hands and doing something like Moemoe1Moe moe is a Japanese word that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga, video games, and other media directed at the otaku market..

       The problem is that it’s me.

       I thought about it and decided to do it quickly and eat.

       Because I thought it would be better for my mental health to do it when no one sees it. 

       I decided to do it, but when I actually said it, I couldn’t speak well.


        I relaxed my nervous body by taking a deep breath and finally said the word.

       “Mo, Moemoe kyung.”


       “You can eat now.”

       The maid finally stepped back with a satisfied look.

       When I felt ashamed of this real-time embarrassing story and ate my omurice, the maid took the other plate on the cart and put it down in front of Sasha, who was smiling hard.



       Sasha’s expression turned pale, as if she belatedly remembered that she had ordered the same menu as me without thinking much.

       Realizing the upcoming future, she shook her head with a glance telling her not to do it, but the maid cut the omelet with a knife and made a heart shape with her hands and said the feared word without fail. 

       “Go~ follow after me. Be delicious~ be delicious~ Moe-moe kyun♥”


       Honestly, this was self-inflicted.


       Clatter- clatter-

       “Nothing happened.”

       “…I know.”

       Sasha and I, who created a real time embarrassing story, agreed to do so by silently eating the omurice without making eye contact with each other.

       The cat maid, Hyoneko, was still singing an anime song on stage.

       When does that end?

       Anyway, the omurice that I ate after a lot of hard work was fortunately delicious.

       There is a strong perception that the food sold at the maid cafe is expensive and tasteless, but the cooking skill of the food maker seems to be quite good here.

       The donkotsu ramen I ate earlier had been digested for a long time while fighting, so I emptied all the omurice on the plate without leaving a grain of rice.

       After filling my stomach with a bit of a bummer, and when I was cleaning my mouth with orange juice, 30 minutes have passed and Hyoneko finally came running wiping the sweat on her forehead.

       “Master! How was Hyoneko’s live?”

       “Uh… It was good.”

       Perhaps what just happened was quite shocking, Sasha clapped her hands saying so in a soulless voice.

       Fortunately, the person involved did not seem to have noticed.

       “Hey~” I don’t know if you nominated me on your first visit because you knew Hyoneko likes to sing but thank you so much nyan! Thanks to you, I sang as much as I wanted nyan!”

       I wonder if Hyoneko got excited while singing, but the tension was quite high.

       At the same time, she was definitely a professional because she never forgot the “nyan” at the end of her sentences. 

       Hyoneko cleared the table, muttering, “Oh, look at my mind nyan”, as if she realized that our glasses and plates were empty while bragging about her singing taste and favorite singer.

       Then it was a card deck and cat ear headband that were brought in on a tray.

       “The original option is 1,000 yen per 10 minutes, but I got permission from the manager that it’s okay to do it as a special service today nyan!”

       She said that, mixing the cards with dexterity, she took 17 and handed us 18 each.

       It seemed to be the catch the thief game.

       We threw cards with the same numbers or letters in the middle of the table.

       The game begins when the number of cards left in the hand becomes all different.

       “Ooh nyan nyan.”

       Hyoneko took a card from my hand, putting in an exaggerated chant like the one of a cat.

       And then when there was the same number, I threw it away with the card I had in my hand.

       Spade 8 and Diamond 8.

       It’s my turn to pick.

       Out of the 8 cards that Sasha gave, I grabbed the card right next to the one that was sticking out the most.


       No, did she pick the joker right away?

       But without expression, she quietly added it to her cards.

       This time, Sasha pulled out Hyoneko’s card and threw it on the table with the card in her hand.

       It’s spade 3 and clover 3.

       It’s Hyoneko’s turn.

       “For your information, there is a penalty for the last place nyan.”

       As she said that, she pulled out a card of mine and smiled significantly without throwing away any cards.

       …I should have noticed at this time.

       Something’s wrong.


       “It can’t be.”

       I was the last to catch the thief, which took about 15 minutes. 

       Perhaps she was lucky from the beginning, Sasha was the first to shake off the card, and Hyoneko, who had a 1:1 match with me from the middle, perfectly avoided the Joker and took the cards.

       Thanks to this, I was automatically defeated and shivered in shame, holding the Joker from beginning to end.

       No way, I’m a board game player, I never thought I’d lose without even rebelling properly.

       “Let’s play one more round.”

       As I said so, when I began to collect the cards scattered on the table, Hyoneko grabbed the headband that was on the tray, saying that there was something to do before that.

       “The loser has to wear this cat ear headband until the end of the next game and make a cat sound at the end of every word nyan.” 

       Hyoneko, who stepped up and put the cat ear headband on my head while saying that, smiled and said to me.

       “Say anything once nyan.”

       *”…Let’s move on to the next game.”*

       “It’s definitely the sound of a cat, but it feels different nyan!”


       Now that it’s like this, I’ll keep playing until I win.

       I don’t know about anything else, but I couldn’t stand losing the card game.


       “Have a safe trip, master!”

       Ring! Ring!

       “Ah~ it was fun~”

       Sasha stretched and muttered with a proud face.

       It was more than an hour after that we left the maid cafe.

       In the end, I couldn’t win a single game, so I wore the cat ear headband for an entire hour and made a cat sound.

       If there wasn’t a two-hour limit per table, I’d really be staying until I won.

       Looking back, I realize that I did something quite shameful, but I couldn’t help it because card games were important to me.

       Anyway, it’s already 5 o’clock.

       Most of the stores in Akihabara are getting ready to close at this time of year, so there was no place to go anymore.

       It’s too early to have dinner, and I’ve already had omurice, so at best, eating snacks will be the limit.

       “What do you want to do now? There’s about two hours left until the appointed time.”

       Sasha, who heard my question, turned her head and exclaimed, “Ahah~.”

       “Come to think of it, that’s what happened. I asked you to protect me until 7 p.m.”

       “Did you forget what you said?”

       “No, no, it was supposed to be the time when the sun set.

       Sasha waved her hand as she said so and looked up at me and asked.

       “Is there a park or something around here? I want to walk because I’ve been sitting down.”

       “…There’s one nearby. Follow me.”

       The place where I led Sasha was Ueno Park near Akihabara.

       In terms of subway, Akihabara and Ueno are only one station apart, so I often walked here for exercise.

       Perhaps because it was almost evening, there were not many people taking a walk in Ueno Park.

       I asked while walking along the deserted walkway with Sasha.

       “How was the sightseeing in Akihabara today?”

       Sasha then glanced at my side face and nodded.

       “Thanks to you.”

       I wanted to show her more places, but I didn’t have enough time.

       We happened to be at the maid cafe for two hours when I thought we’d come out after a cup of tea.

       Shortly after, Sasha, who was walking with her hands behind her, soon stopped and told me.

       “Actually, I have a confession to make.”

       I suddenly turned my head to see what was being said.

       Sasha then looked up at me with a serious expression and said,

       “The people you fought on the street earlier are all bodyguards that my dad hired.”


       My brain stopped for a moment when I heard something I had never thought of.

       Shortly after, Sasha, who bit her lip, bent down at me.

       “I’m sorry I lied from the beginning. I came to Japan after a long time, so I sneaked out of the hotel because I wanted to go sightseeing, but I didn’t know things would turn this big.”

       Sasha, who said so, said with her head down.

       “So, it’s okay to go back now. I’m going to call the bodyguards and go into the hotel. Thank you very much for today.”

       Sasha, who said so, took a bundle of bills from her handbag, put them in my hand, and ran quickly toward Akihabara Station.

       “H, hold on!”

       I stared blankly as she was moving away and hurried after her.

       It was just then.

       A sudden gust of wind and a loud laugh came from above.


       When I looked up at the sky in a hurry, a black helicopter was flying over Ueno Park.

       As she ran toward the station, Sasha, who looked up at the sky like me, shouted with a startled expression.


       At that very moment, a black figure hanging from a helicopter jumped toward the ground.

       Without any protective equipment.

       */BAAAAAAM! /*

       Perhaps due to the impact caused by falling to the ground, huge dust rose around the landing site.

       Soon a muscular middle-aged man in a leopard-patterned coat, slowly raising himself in the dust, muttered with a ferocious smile.

       “Finally found you.”