I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 40

EP.40 Maid Cafe experience

After leaving the coin laundry, Sasha, who proudly took the lead, followed a Maid on the main street and arrived at a 60-pyeong1Approximately 2134 square foot. maid cafe near Chuodori.

       When we opened the cutely decorated cafe door at the entrance and went inside, the maid employees I had only seen on TV or in pictures welcomed us with bright smiles.

       “Welcome back. Master!”

       “Oh. I wanted to hear this line.”


       It’s been about two years since I was possessed, but it was my first time coming to a maid cafe.

       This was the same when I looked back on Kim Yoo-sung’s memory before I was possessed.

       At a time when he was very sensitive to other people’s eyes, he did not seem to have the courage to enter a maid cafe alone as a small middle school student.

       Even if he came to Akihabara, he would have just glanced at it from afar.

       As a matter of fact, so did I.

       This is because I felt a physiological reluctance toward an unfamiliar culture.

       If it weren’t for Sasha’s stubbornness, I might not have even thought of coming for the rest of my life.

       When we stood in front of the entrance and looked around not knowing what to do, one of the maid, who was arranging the table where a customer left, came up to me and asked me in a friendly voice.

       “Have you ever been to our store, master?”

       I was intimidated by the disparate atmosphere unique to the maid cafe, so I answered in a nervous voice without realizing it.

       “Ah, no.”

       “Let me give you a brief explanation before we entertain you. The basic admission fee for our Machi Asobi ☆ Maid Akihabara Store2Name of the store. is 800 yen. And if you order, one maid will take care of the owner at each table. The maid in charge has a random name and a nomination, and if you chose it, the nomination fee will be added. For your information, it is prohibited in principle to touch a Maid at the store and taking pictures inside the store is prohibited. If you want to take a polaroid photo with your maid, you ask me at the counter separately.”

       The explanation went by like a flash, it was not a skill she got in a day or two when I saw that her pronunciation was not broken at all.

       After the explanation, the black-haired maid guided us to a window seat with good lighting.

       “This is today’s nomination, and this is the menu. When you’re done choosing the menu, wave the bell next to the table and call the maid. I hope you have a comfortable time. Master.”

       They’re truly professionals. 

       Unlike the flamboyant miniskirt maid costume, the perfect explanation and attitude were nothing short of a sample of a strong professional spirit.

       As I was admiring it so much, Sasha held her chin and looked at today’s nomination list with interest.

       Inside the thin file album, there were profile photos of the maid working at the cafe.

       “I can nominate whoever I want, right?”

       I told her to take care of it because it was her money anyway.

       Then I opened the menu to choose something to eat.

       “…It’s expensive.”

       As soon as I saw the price on the first page of the menu, the words popped out before I realized it.

       The food itself was like omurice3Omurice is a Japanese dish consisting of an omelet made with fried rice. and pancakes, which are common types everywhere, but the price range was unreasonably high.

       No matter how much the service is included, omurice is 1,500 yen, so what kind of gold egg is it made of?

       I couldn’t understand as a son of a formal family, but it was ambiguous not to eat anything here, so I ordered an omelet rice and an orange juice.

       These two are already 2,000 yen.

       It was nearly half of my weekly allowance.

       Considering the basic admission fee, it wasn’t a cheap price.

       If I had bought it with my own money, I would have stopped breathing.

       “I’m done choosing. What do you want to eat?”

       “Just anything.”

       “…Then I’ll order the same thing.”

       On the other hand, this amount did not seem to be of much importance to Sasha, who had casually offered a bundle of million-yen bills for her request.

       She stared carefully at the maid’s name tag with her chin resting on her hand, then waved the bell on the table in a graceful motion.

       It looked like a painting, showing that Sasha was the daughter of a precious family.

       Every move is full of dignity.

       It is old-fashioned but in a different way than the president.

       “Yes~ did you call me? Master?”

       When the black-haired maid, who had entertained us just now, approached and asked in a friendly voice, Sasha said to her, pointing to one of the pictures on the nomination list.

       “Here, call me Hyoneko the cat maid.”

       “Yes, I got it~”

       A cat maid?

       I momentarily doubted my ears, the black-haired maid handed Sasha’s nomination card as she agreed.

       “Have you decided on a drink or meal to order, as well?”

       “…Oh, two omurice and two glasses of orange juice, please.”

       “Yes~ I got it~”

       The black-haired maid, who received the order without losing her smile from beginning to end, quickly walked toward the kitchen.

       I was able to relax on my chair only after I saw her back disappear.

       I just ordered something, but I already felt tired.

       Just an hour ago, I was having a fistfight with Russian machos on the street, and now I’m nervous about a maid cafe I’ve never been to before.

       If someone had heard this story, they would have told me not to joke.

       Sasha, who looked around the Maid Cafe interestingly after completing all the orders, suddenly asked me a question, as I was staring blankly at the ceiling.

       “Is this your first time at a maid cafe?”


       “That’s unexpected. I thought Japanese people come often.”

       “No, that’s prejudice. Usually, people don’t come to maid cafes… Maybe.”

       I looked around, answering like that.

       Because, surprisingly, it seemed that office workers and women were coming to the maid cafe.

       After waiting for a while, Sasha’s designated maid walked toward us with two glasses of orange juice on a tray.

       When she saw her figure, Sasha smiled and crossed her long legs like a model.

       “Hello! Master! Thank you for your nomination today nyan4“Nyan” is the Japanese word for “meow”.! I’m Hyoneko, the famous cat maid of Machi Asobi ☆ maid nyan!”

       Wearing a cat-eared headband over her head, the brown bobbed-haired maid smiled naturally as she said so.


       Time and space shrivel.

       I thought I had adapted to the otaku culture, but this was too much for me today.

       It feels like a student solving a middle school math problem suddenly had to solve a college-level math problem.

       Sasha said with a nonchalant look, nodding her head as I held back my desire to leave by pressing my thighs hard.

       “What can I get the nominated maid to do?”

       Then, the cat maid, Hyoneko, waved and explained in an exaggerated gesture.

       “First, I’ll draw a picture when the food ordered comes out nyan! Or I can play board games with the customers! Lastly, although the price is a little expensive, if you have a song request, I can sing it on the live stage nyan!”


       With her chin on her hand as if she was bored, Sasha’s eyes shone at the last word when she listened to her explanation.

       Then she took a bunch of blue bills out of the handbag she left next to the chair and put them down on the table.

       “How much do I have to pay to make you sing for 30 minutes?”

       “I, I’ll go ask at the counter, so wait a minute! No, wait nyan!”

       Hyoneko, who was surprised by the sudden cash clashing, forgot the concept for a moment.

       Sasha took a sip of orange juice and smiled fishily as the maid rushed to speak to the manager of the cafe.

       “It’s going to be fun now.”

       She’s the devil.


       That’s how Hyoneko’s live performance started.

       Anime songs that I’ve heard somewhere resonated in the cafe.

       Sasha hummed and sang along, as if she knew the song.

       Anyway, maybe because Hyoneko, the maid we named, was singing on stage, the black-haired maid we saw earlier served us the omurice on her behalf.

       “Here’s the omurice you ordered. Master.”


       I thought it was brilliant because of the price of 1,500 yen, but surprisingly it was quite a regular omurice.

       The amount seemed quite sufficient for adult males, so I didn’t think I had to order anything else.

       “Then I’ll cut it for you?”

       After asking for my consent, the professional Ms. Maid split the omelet on the rice with a knife.

       An egg waterfall flowed down over the rice as it spread from side to side.

       Shortly afterwards, she took some ketchup and drew a cute cat-shaped picture on the omelet.

       “Thank you.”

       It was when, after saying that, I picked up a spoon to take a spoonful.

       “Ah, wait a minute. Master. It’s not ready yet.”

       The black-haired maid stopped my movement, saying so, and then said, making a heart shape with both hands.

       “Please follow after me.”


       “Be delicious~ be delicious~ Moe-moe kyun♥”5“Moe moe kyun” is an otaku meme that originated from the Japanese anime K-On! It doesn’t really mean anything; it is more of a magical spell filled with good feelings.


       I unconsciously hardened my expression at the once-in-a-lifetime crisis that suddenly hit me.