I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 39

EP.39 Fuma Yukika
At the same moment.

It’s a hidden site that anyone living in the back world of Japan knows.

An anonymous post was posted by locals on the free bulletin board of a Japanese server called the Darknet Medieval Jebland Branch.


1. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:27:18:47 ID:lokoisGod

I just got a call from a friend who works for EE security team, is it true that the black yasha1 A yasha is a demon or spirit from the japanese folklore. was revived?

2. An unknown contractor

It’s real. I heard that the destroyer certified it himself. Still, rumors spread all over Tokyo after he was just seen fighting in Akihabara. No one took a video because EE was trying to control the information, but I’m sure more than a dozen of people has seen them fight.

3. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:28:37:13 ID:lokoisGod

So easy….

4. Mr. Unknown Hacker

Isn’t black yasha a bubble? If it’s a person from 10 years ago, honestly, I think it’s a mix of exaggeration.

5. Unknown passing by


6. Unknown acupuncturist


7. Unknown fighter


8. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:30:23:47 ID:lokoisGod

Lololol Look at this Newbie lolololol Black yasha is definitely a bubble. Unbelie‘bubble’.

9. Mr. Unknown Hacker

If you want to contradict me, explain yourself.

10. Unknown acupuncturist

This… young friend would like you to shut up if you don’t want to find information by yourself. It makes me want to sew your mouth with a needle.

11. Unknown fighter

I’ve never seen a creep named Bubble before seeing the Legend of the Seven Kingdoms. Is your liver sticking out of your stomach? You’re not going to go far.

12. Unknown passing by

(This comment has already been deleted by Ivan’s bodyguard)

13. An unknown patriot

(Fluttering Japanese flag GIF) If you’re Japanese, black yasha is the only Japanese among the Legend of the Seven Kingdoms.

14. Mr. Unknown Hacker

(A foreigner being surprised by an automatic door taxi GIF) Don’t you get sick of that soup?

15. An unknown patriot

(49 Surprising Things About Japan That People Around the World Are Surprised About! GIF) Yes, I’m not tired of it~ It’s always thrilling~ It’s always new~

16. Unknown passing by

Why is that fake patriot always on the bulletin board. Are you always on the forum?

17. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:40:55:06 ID:lokoisGod

To be honest, I think it’s kingly. Get out of your house!!!

18. Mr. Nameless who loves anonymity

The fact that the NINJA, which appears in the “Sasuke Bingo Book2Bingo Books are black books used by ninja that contain any and all information on black-listed ninja they are to target.,” kept historical evidence is also written in the classics.

19. Unknown acupuncturist

It’s driving me crazy…

20. Mr. Unknown Hacker

But like you said, if Black Yasha is such an amazing person, why did he suddenly disappear without saying anything? You said he was the strongest contractor in the back world.

21. Clubbing addict

Tsk… That’s what this old man will explain…

22. Unknown fighter

I didn’t call my grandfather. Start.

23. Unknown acupuncturist

Why am I the only one who gets angry when only old man is written in Chinese characters?

24. Clubbing addict

Black Yasha… So, it was one summer night in 1999 that the 17th head of the Fuma ninja army, Fuma Kotaro, began to stand out…

25. Mr. Unknown Hacker

Can someone summarize it in one line.

26. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:48:21:36 ID:lokoisGod

Ivan the destroyer said he wanted to find an opponent, he suddenly came out with the first God of Fist in 1999, went to the finals and became a legend.

27. Clubbing addict

The martial arts competition… When the world’s most powerful men gathered together for wealth and honor… A man in a black ninja suit suddenly appeared…

28. Unknown passing by

/*hahaha*/ How long are you going to explain that concept.

29. An unknown patriot

Japan’s NINJA is invincible and Black Yasha is a god.

30. An unknown contractor

You actually like it with ‘all your might’, don’t you?

31. An unknown patriot

Argh! No!

32. Unknown fighter

The book of morality makes even the bastards who used to throw ignorant patriotic gifs freak out….

33. An unknown contractor

‘Sasuke bingo book’ R.e.a.l.l.y.f.u.n.n.y.

34. Here’s what the VIP is going to do: 2017/05/03 13:55:27:53 ID:lokoisGod

Oh~ I’m not looking~ A picture that’s too old to be true, but it’s the story~

35. Clubbing addict

At the end of the century… at a time when the world was in full swing with Nostradamus’3Nostradamus was a French astrologer, apothecary, physician, and reputed seer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties, a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events. prophecies and the hosting of the God of Fist, the black-haired soldier of fortune, who suddenly appeared, challenged the world’s strongest men…



Although it was a long time ago, Fuma Yukika, who couldn’t go home because of her part-time job, skimmed through the anonymous post on the Darknet’s thread bulletin board and prepared herself to go out even though she was half in doubt.

This is because Fuma Kotaro, the black yasha mentioned in the bulletin board, was her father who left home about 10 years ago.

She didn’t know if the Black Yasha, who was seen in Akihabara, was really her father, but it was worth visiting.

‘Will he remember my face. ‘

Only 10 years ago, the Fuma ninja army, which was not in such a tight spot, naturally collapsed when her father, who was at the center, left the village.

As every one of the clans turned their backs to their hometown to find a way to live, their power gradually decreased, and now they only maintain their reputation.

They haven’t actually met yet, but all kinds of emotions swirled in her mind.

She wanted to ask why he left the village and why he abandoned her.


Mumbling awkwardly a word that had not been said for a very long time, Fuma Yukika locked the door of the rented room and headed to Akihabara where a black yasha was seen.


Entering Akihabara’s complex alleyway avoiding people’s eyes, the place we headed to was a coin laundry.


The hooded jumper ruined by dirt and kidnappers’ blood was turning into the washing machine, and I asked Sasha, who looked at her smartphone as if she was bored.

“So, what are you going to do next?”

Sasha then answered, raising her gaze that was stuck on the screen.

“First of all, I want to go sightseeing in Akihabara.”

“Aren’t you being chased?”

“You knocked them all down, so it’ll probably be fine for a few hours. For now, you just have to protect me until 7 o’clock as you promised earlier.”

Now that I had already received the advance, I could not complain about her decision.

Instead, I decided to discuss with her what had been bothering me for a while.

“More than that, the fight we had was not posted on the Internet.”

To be honest, there were so many witnesses, so it wouldn’t be strange if one or two videos were taken.

However, even if I went around a few Internet bulletin boards, it was strangely quiet without saying anything.

Sasha then said, crossing her legs with a relaxed expression.

“It was probably because of the EMP4 An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a brief burst of electromagnetic energy..”


“EE combatants start by spraying EMP pulses to turn the electronic devices into blackouts during major operations. These days, videos are spreading so fast on social media.”

“Then what about the post?”

“It must be in cooperation with the Japanese cabinet to control information. It’s possible with EE’s potential.”

I started to wonder what EE was all about, which had been mentioned through her mouth for a while now.

Don’t tell me she’s talking about a person.

Sasha explained with a serious look when she heard my question.

“EE stands for the Russian military giant Easter Egg Company.”

“…Why would they kidnap you in such place?”

“I told you earlier, didn’t I? I’m the child of someone who’s pretty high up in Russia.”

“Did you?”

To be honest, the story was so hectic that I half forgot.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Just in time, the notification rang that the laundry was done, so I opened the washing machine door and took out the clean hooded jumper from the inside.

Damp with water.

Putting it back in the coin dryer next to me and spinning it, I asked Sasha, who was yawning with her back against the washroom glass wall.

“So where do you want to go next?”

“Huh? Isn’t it obvious?”

Sasha turned the smartphone screen she was looking at and showed it to me.

“If you’re in Akihabara, it’s definitely a maid cafe.”