I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 38

EP.38 Black yacha

One of the 12 Guardians, the most glorious place for those who follow Ivan the destroyer,

Captain Boris Makarov thought as he looked down at the Asian standing in front of him.

“Unexpected soldier.”

It was surprising that there was still a strong man of this magnitude in the Far East Island nation.

Although it is impossible to guess his age from the outside, the man’s body in front of him, who has been training his body for decades, was also excellent in completion.

If it wasn’t for this kind of occasion, they would have had a long conversation while tilting a glass of vodka.

But now they are enemies.

It seemed like he was hired as an escort for a day by the lady who ran away from the hotel, but it was none of his business for his subordinates.

‘I’ll deal with you sincerely.’

When Boris, who spread his feet shoulder-width apart, stretched his arms forward and lowered his trunk, the mitral and halo muscles naturally soared upward.

The figure looked like a huge tank aimed at the enemy.

Boris, a heavy tank with a unique attack posture of Sambo, a Russian martial art, was wary of the Asian still naturally standing, even though he was ready to attack.

Originally, a fight between masters is settled only by a moment’s carelessness.

Even more here because vital attacks are allowed in street fights where no rules exist.

‘Is he faking? Why isn’t he moving?’

Fighting originally begins only when someone attacks first.

However, no matter how long he waited, Boris eventually decided to take the first attack.


While kicking the ground hard, a shoulder tackle with his huge size like a bear.

Until now, most of those who thought Boris would be slow to move because of his size could not even react, and they were hit by his body like a heavy tank and taken down.

Just before colliding with each other, the Asian, who had not moved until he reached a short distance, finally pulled out his hand that had been stuck in his pocket.


The Asian fist had been buried in Boris’s face before he knew it.

As a result, the neck that was facing forward was bent.


The eyes couldn’t keep up.

No, it was faster than that.

The speed of attack was like a flash!

Boris had heard about a technique similar to this before.

‘Great and mighty!’

Japanese samurai quickly plucked the sword from their sheath and honed the technique of counterattack to counter the enemy’s surprise attack.

The man in front of him reproduced it with his pants pocket and bare fist!

‘But not yet!’

The first attack was taken away by surprise, but he was not weak enough to collapse with only one blow.

Pain was a testament to life for the former Captain Boris Makarov, who successfully led various special warfare and infiltration missions, even in the Afghan war.

“Come ooooon!”

He throws up a shout from deep inside his lungs, forcing his body to fly backwards by inertia!

Boris, who barely stepped on the ground, succeeded in hanging his arms on the man’s log-like body and legs.

‘I’ll knock you down like this!’



It was as if he were dealing with a rock the size of a house.

Despite his full push, the Asian in front of him did not move a step.

‘Where the hell does this power come from?’

Weight class is a big part of fighting.

Boris followed Ivan around the world, but rarely met anyone of a similar weight.

But the Asian standing in front of him had an incredibly great muscle strength.

As if weight difference was nothing!

In the meantime, the opponent grabbed Boris’s suit belt.

A tense confrontation between the two.

As we entered a full-fledged power struggle, a tendon popped out of Boris’s temple.

“Let’s do thiiis!”

If you can’t do it with strength, you will win with skills!



For a moment, he moved the center of gravity in front of him to the back, broke the opponent’s posture, and walked his legs on his to quickly succeed in taking him down.

The Asian broke his poker face for the first time as his back hit the asphalt floor strongly, but there was no room for joy.

Right after the take-down, Boris links technique with submission, the flower of the three steps.

Hold the other person’s arm, hold the body with the other two legs, and pull it with both arms!


Suddenly, Boris opened his eyes wide without realizing it because of the feeling of floating surrounding him.

The black-haired Asian, who thought he had completely overpowered, lifted Boris, who weighed as much as 150kg, with one hand!

‘No way!’

He hurriedly released his arm and tried to escape, but his body, which had already been elevated by his opponent, did not listen to him.

His huge body was turned upside down.

The cold asphalt floor was creeping in.

Boris quietly closed his eyes as he predicted his soon-to-be future as he was carried from head to toe to the ground.

‘I’m sorry, Tsar.’



Having managed to knock down the captains of the kidnappers, I had a late dry cough.

‘I thought I was freaking out.’

I usually tend to try to use the right and nice words, but I couldn’t help it for today.

It’s because I literally almost got screwed.

‘I was definitely going to lose on his arm bar at the end.’

The mere thought of the pain that would have come when the technique was properly caught gave me chills.

After realizing that I was at the same school as Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character, and started training in earnest, I’ve never saw myself as being small, but this bear-like man was worse than me.

Because we couldn’t communicate with each other, a sudden fight started without a statement.

The man waited for me to move and tried to tackle me first to see if I could stand it any longer.

Fortunately, I didn’t fall because I learned how to defend against single-track tackles from Director Nakayama before, but the man soon broke my posture with his leg and made me fell to the asphalt floor without hesitation.

To be honest, it was the first time I had been hurt like this in the last three years.

That’s why I seemed to have changed his mind.

In the end, I almost tried my best to lift the man with one arm and put him on the ground in case I got caught in his arm bar.

“Ugh… Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…”

Standing on the street where no one was passing anymore, taking a rough breath, Sasha, who entered the phone box and staged a sit-in until the end, carefully opened the door.

Then she muttered in a dazed voice.

“…Did you knock Boris down?”

“Boris? Is his name Boris?”

“What? Yes, he is very famous in the back world of Russia.”

I asked her as I shook off my dusty hoodie.

“I think he was the captain of the kidnappers, so you’re not being chased anymore?”

Sasha then replied with a strange expression.

“Maybe…I guess so?”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

At least, it was worth the pain, blood and sweat.

“I think you’re bleeding more than you should. Are you okay?”

“Oh, this is not my blood.”

As I said so, I glanced around at the other Russians lying around, Sasha exclaimed, “Ah,” as if she had belatedly come to enlightenment.

They made such a fuss in broad daylight in Akihabara, where there are many people walking around during Golden Week.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be strange if a video was taken and spread on the Internet.

This… I should believe in the kindness of the mange world, right?

“Let’s move for now. We’ve caught too many people’s attention.”

When I said that while wearing the hooded jumper’s hat, Sasha nodded and pressed her baseball cap deeply.

People who had already fallen far away and watched the fight were creeping toward us, so we decided to run away before it was too late.



“Hm, it’s me.”

[Captain Boris has been attacked.]

“…Boris? I don’t think there’s a martial master in Japan able to knock him down.”

[He’s about 190cm tall, and he’s an Asian man. His hair is black and wild.]

“Is that him?”

[Tsar, do you have any idea?]

“There is one person that comes to mind, a Japanese who corresponds to the description you mentioned. A guy who suddenly disappeared 10 years ago.”

[Are you talking about black yacha?]

“Yeah. If it’s Huma Kotaro, it wouldn’t be strange if he knocked down Boris. He’s one of the Seven Powers like me.”

[If the man she hired is truly Huma Kotaro, we cannot recapture her by ourselves!]

“I know. So, I’ll go myself.”

[What? The Tsar has to destroy the remnants of Shichiezan hiding in Hokkaido…]

“The work is done.”


[… I see. Then I’ll send a private jet over there right now.]

“Ahah, please. I’ll be playing hide-and-seek with these cockroaches in the meantime.”

[War of fortune.]


After his communication with Nikolai, one of the guards dispatched in Tokyo, the muscular man broke the radio in his hand with only his grip, smiled brutally against the backdrop of a burning factory.

“I can enjoy it after a long time.”