I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 37

EP.37 Alexandra Ivanovna Romanova

‘Wait, is this the original story?’

Something was out of the ordinary.

If it was right for her to appear at this time, there would have been Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character, in Akihabara.

From what I’ve seen so far, the introduction of the event in the original seemed to happen unconditionally.

However, I met her for the first time, and the main character still hasn’t been seen yet.

If so, it is safe to say that this is the time before she first appeared in the original.

‘Are you saying that the main heroine of the original story is being chased by the same Russians?’

To be honest, I hadn’t really understood the situation yet.

When I saw them earlier, they were all extraordinary in physique, so they were like people who had proper combat training.

Maybe Sasha wouldn’t last long alone.

Not knowing the future, I couldn’t decide whether to leave her unattended or protect her.

It was when I was agonizing with such a serious expression.

Sasha, who was looking around in front of me, took out the bundle of money she saw earlier from the handbag she was wearing on her shoulder.

“I’ll hire you as a bodyguard. I just need you to protect me until 7 p.m. tonight. I’ll pay you in advance. What do you think? Isn’t it pretty good for a request that only takes about six hours?”

I suddenly felt my heart pounding with the bundle of money in front of me.

Now, hold on.

Calm down. This sounds like a trap.

You’re suddenly offering a huge amount of money to me, who you’ve never met before?

To avoid showing signs of agitation as much as possible, I asked Sasha in a calm voice.

“You’re going to hire me for this?”

Sasha then narrowed her brows and took out another bundle of money from her handbag.

“Okay. You’re saying that only one million yen is not enough, right? Then if you succeed in protecting me until 7 p.m., I’ll give you an extra 1 million yen. I can’t do more than this.”

I tried to calm down and solve it with conversation, but the amount doubled in an instant.

My eyes were spinning.

With this money, manga were not a problem, I could buy a rack that I never dreamed of buying because it was expensive.

In other words, it is money that could afford a home gym, one of the dreams of all athletes.

I grabbed a bundle of money on the table without realizing it.

“I’ll do it.”

“Huhu, then the contract is established, right?”

Well, shouldn’t we just have to wait for the next six hours?

I shook hands with Sasha, who had a meaningful smile.


Alexandra Ivanovna Romanova.

A girl from Russia, commonly nicknamed Sasha by her close friends, smiled with satisfaction.

‘I was lucky.’

She came to Japan for the first time in a while under the pretext of being an exchange student.

But Papa who had a lot of worries, Papa’s men wrapped themselves around her too much.

That was why she sneaked out of the hotel in Shibuya with cash from his card.

However, her escape almost ended in vain an hour after her escape due to the pursuit of bodyguards with combat capabilities that are considered as the bests in Russia.

In the meantime, she met a Korean named Kim Yoo-sung in front of her in an alley.

‘This man is strong.’

Since Sasha was young, she has been with Papa, the destruction god of Russia, so she could roughly feel the strength of others.

And among the humans in the back world that Sasha has met so far, the strength of this man, Kim Yoo-sung, is in the upper middle.

A strong man at this level would buy her quite a bit of time against Boris, whose her father himself asked him to take charge of her escort.

It could only be expressed that it was really fortunate to meet a strong man of this level in another country in this station while fleeing the pursuit of the bodyguards.

“Two tonkotsu ramen! Enjoy your meal, Gentlemen!”

Splitting the chopsticks to taste the Japanese-style ramen that finally came out, , Sasha calculated the remaining time.

‘In the next six hours… That’s enough to go sightseeing in Akihabara, right?’

Papa won’t say much if she plays moderately and come back.

In such a careful calculation, the two began to accompany each other.


We came back to Chuo-dori after finishing the ramen.

This was purely due to Sasha’s outfit, because she was wearing a black blouse and a long skirt with frills, making it quite uncomfortable to move.

She went into a prominent clothing store, bought jeans and a baseball jumper, and quickly changed out of the changing room.

Since she was originally pretty, it looked one her like a model no matter what she wore.

She asked a clerk to mail her original clothes to a hotel lobby by courier, and then strutted in her baseball cap.

“What do you think? Do I look like a local now?”

“To be honest, tourists are better than locals.”

No matter how colorful hair colors exist because this is the manga world, silver hair, which is close to blue, was quite unique.

Literally, it is a color that makes you feel that it is a device to highlight the Heroin’s personality.

“Shit, the standards are tight.”

Sasha, who looked in the mirror and tied her long hair up to her waist in a ponytail, asked me.

“Is there any place to visit around here? It’s my first time in Japan.”

“Didn’t you say you’re running away from the kidnappers now? You won’t have time to relax and enjoy sightseeing”

“It’s better to have a lot of eyes. No matter how reckless people are, they won’t be able to move around among ordinary people.”

I didn’t feel like it, but I decided to go with her for now.

It’s my job to protect her if I have to.

“Then let’s move on. If you stay in one place for a long time, you’ll soon be discovered.”

“But who the hell are these people trying to kidnap you, that you’re so wary of?”

Then Sasha, who was leaving the store earlier, looked back and answered.

“Former elite agents from the KGB.”

…KGB? What’s that? The only KGB I know is lemon-flavored vodka.


I’ll be honest with you.

Tokyo in the 21st century.

In the middle of the crowded city center, I didn’t know that kidnappers who were aiming for Sasha would really fight so proudly.

“You said they wouldn’t be able to move if there was a lot of eyes!”

As I shied away from the fist that passed over my head, I shouted in a hurry, and Sasha, who was inside a pay phone box and staging a sit-in against men in black suits, shouted.

“I didn’t know they’d go this far!”

“Damn it!”

I hurriedly kicked the ones in front of me and pushed them away, I grabbed them by the neck and threw them away as they were trying to force open the phone box.


The foreign men fainted with a painful voice, perhaps because they were caught by the collar and pressed down on the carotid artery.

But I didn’t have time to worry about it, I had to shake my fist against another bunch of strong men that rushed in one after another.

‘It’s definitely a different level from the local bully.’

The average human being is likely to break with a little force, but the men in front of me endured it a little.

It may be because of the muscles that have been developed to a tremendous level and that you could see at a glance over the clothes.

However, the current situation could only describe the opponent as bad.

It may be unreasonable for them, but in the original love comedy, the bigger muscle wins.


Even though we’ve been fighting in one place for nearly 10 minutes in a 1:majority manner, when they seemed to be pushed back, one of the Russians surrounding me frowned and shouted so.

I don’t know what he talked about in Russian, but it certainly didn’t mean well.

Most of the words coming out in this situation are curses.

As the battle entered a lull, the men only faltered, looking at each other, but failed to attack easily, so I counted the remaining number of people.

One, two, three, four…

As I fought frantically surrounded by men in black suits, the number of people who were originally close to 20 was reduced to less than half.

‘I think it’s worth a try.’

It was when I clenched my fist thinking that way.

“Все отступите.”

Suddenly, a heavy low tone came from behind the foreign men who stood in front of us.

“Капитан Борис!”

Whether they were their superiors, they hurriedly stepped back to the left and right and saluted in a disciplined manner.

I think I’m pretty tall, too, but a foreign man who is nearly 2m tall stared at me as he walked forward.

‘He’s strong.’

I’ve never met him before, but it felt like it.

The Russian in front of my eyes was a natural strongman.

When my eyes met with him, who had no eyebrows, his muscle, which were sufficiently warmed up, came back to life by knocking down the small brim.

It was as if his body was pleased.

For meeting an enemy worth dealing with for the first time.

I don’t know how the situation got to this point, but I already had only one option.

‘I’m fighting.’