I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 36

EP.36 A girl who fell off the sky

Unlike the previous years, I was busy on the first and second days of Golden Week, so I stayed at home for about two days.

In fact, I went down to the first floor and helped my parents with their store work, so the expression of being confined may have been misleading.

Anyway, Golden Week has already entered its fifth day.

This year, the end of the holiday is Friday, so it was only half of the time because the weekend was stuck, and it was a total of nine days of holiday.

On the first day of Golden Week, I left home for Akihabara around 10 a.m. staggering my body out of boredom at home to buy a new manga.



Although it is commonly known as a sacred place for otaku, it was originally a street with a stronger image of an electronic shopping mall until the early 2000s.

Although transportation is convenient because it is located in the center of Tokyo, there are so many large and small companies here that salary men in suits actively roamed the streets.

In that sense, it can be said that it is a strange position neighborhood where Otaku and salarymen coexist in many ways.

“Excuse me. Let me pass by.”

When you get off the crowded subway at any time during Golden Week, the first thing you welcome is various game advertisements and animation posters.

As if to imply that “the general public is prohibited from entering” from here, various subculture advertisements that cannot be seen in other stations disturbing the view.

If you go up to the ground along the stairs of history, what spreads out in front of you is a tall building forest.

However, unlike other streets, the walls were covered with all kinds of animation and game advertisements, giving off a heterogeneous atmosphere.

At first, I started studying out of necessity, but now I had a bookshelf of manga like an otaku.

However, whenever I came to Akihabara to buy manga, I was overwhelmed by the crawling atmosphere of the streets.

To be honest, I couldn’t stand it.

No matter how much I had the memories of Kim Yoo-sung, I couldn’t adapt to the unique atmosphere here.

“Right here or….”

Today’s destination is Shosen Book Tower.

It is a subculture bookstore in Akihabara, and it mainly deals with various manga and new books of Light Novel, so it was a perfect place for people who wanted to visit and buy books like me.

Walking along the familiar street, I quickly arrived in front of the bookstore.

When you enter the bookstore, you will see a store with a calmer atmosphere than you think.

It was because books mainly handled by Shosen were related to various subcultures and hobbies, but the atmosphere was not much different from that of general bookstores.

Compared to Enimate and Gamers, stores on the side of Chuo-dori Street, are a space that weren’t that different.

I looked through the titles of manga, which were attached to each genre and publisher, and picked up one by one if there was anything interesting

What I usually choose when I come to the bookstore is a book I enjoyed reading in the Jump or a series of love comedy published in other magazines.

Originally, even manga of the same genre have different tendencies depending on the magazine publishing them.

The shonen jump for mix a bit of battle, the shonen Sunday for a traditional love comedy, a shonen magazine with a large adult readership for a lot of skirt raised.

Therefore, it was necessary to check the information steadily in this way to not miss the latest trends.

It took me about 30 minutes to select 10 books, and after I finished paying at the checkout counter, I put all the manga I bought in a backpack I brought from home.

This is the end of my business trip to Akihabara, so I should go home after eating lunch.

Thinking that way, after leaving the Shosen Book Tower, I checked the time on my cell phone, and it was already almost 12 o’clock.

I decided to use the side road to go to my regular ramen restaurant before it was too late.

If you go out on the big street, there are basically a lot of people walking around, because it is time for all stores in Akihabara to start soliciting customers.

Golden Week, which attracts more customers because it is a holiday, was a boom time for such stores.

It was when I was rushing to go to the ramen restaurant.

“Get out of the way!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice above my head.


When I looked up to see what was going on, a black panty that filled my vision.

Seeing the complicated embroidery, it is a very expensive… No, this isn’t the point.

I hurriedly spread my arms to catch the falling person.

Then the girl who just yelled at me to get out of the way, said “tch!”, clicked her tongue briefly then curled herself slightly in the air.

As a result, I took it more easily with both arms, and suddenly dropped her off from the sky to the floor, trying to ask what happened.

But before I asked her a question, the ruggedly formal foreigners who had just jumped out of the place where she had jumped looked down at me and shouted:


I don’t know exactly what it means, but it was probably Russian.

As soon as I lowered my head to ask about the situation, the girl in the checkered beret grabbed my arm and shouted.

“Help me!”

After saying that, she started running ahead of me, and I followed her without knowing why.

I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to help.

This is how most boy in manga are introduced.

After running so wildly, we were on the Chuo-dori Street.

As the saying goes, “If you want to hide trees, hide them in the forest”, with so many people on the street, even the foreigners just now won’t be able to find us easily.

When I went into a building nearby and took a breath, the girl I had just escaped with leaned against the wall and reached out to me.

“I’m Sasha, what’s your name?”

I accidentally shook hands with her and answered.

“Kim Yoo-sung.”

“What, weren’t you Japanese? Tourist?”

“I am from the second generation of Korean residents in Japan.”

When I explained so, the girl in the hat exclaimed, “Ah!”

“What are you being chased by them for? It looked unusual.”

Sasha then answered, scratching her cheeks.

“There are slightly complicated circumstances there, so it’s hard to answer.”

“…Then, I’ll go now. I hope you run away well.”

Then Sasha grabbed me in a flustered voice.

“Wait! It’s common sense to help a pretty girl like me without saying anything!”

“There is no such common sense in my dictionary.”

When I tried to shake her off coldly while saying so, Sasha hurriedly opened the handbag she had been wearing around her waist.

“Money! I’ll give you money! I have a lot of cash!”

I paused for a moment when I saw a bunch of blue money she had taken out of her bag.

Unless my eyes are wrong, it was all Mr. Yukichi.

That one could buy twice as many manga as I bought today.

At first, I thought it would be complicated, so I ignored it and tried to pass by, but when I saw the cash, I hesitated and asked.

“If you tell me why you’re being chased, I can help you. What do you want to do?”

Sasha then pondered for a moment and said yes and put the bundle of money back in her handbag.

“Let’s move to another place first. I think it’s dangerous here.”


The place where I took Sasha, an unidentified foreigner, is a regular ramen restaurant that I originally wanted to go to.

This place was pretty good in terms of avoiding people’s attention.

Because it is a restaurant located quite deep among the complicated back alleys of Akihabara, so it was a restaurant that only a few people knew.


As soon as we entered the store, we picked up a corner and sat down after hearing the boss’s loud greeting.

Since there was a partition in the middle, it was a place that was not noticeable unless you came inside the store and looked at it.

Maybe because she was a foreigner, I asked Sasha, who had an awkward Japanese accent, what she was going to eat.

Then Sasha replied, “Tonkotsu,” without any hesitation.

Well, the restaurant’s signature menu was Tonkotsu ramen made with pork bone broth that had been boiled for 10 hours, so it was the right choice.

Likewise, I chose Tonkatsu, and when I pulled out the meal ticket from the food ticket issuing machine in front of the store entrance, Sasha, who was sipping water from the cup, looked at me with a sullen eye.

I put the meal ticket down on the table, sat across from her and asked.

“So, what were you being chased for?”

Sasha then said as she took off her hat, which she had been wearing deeply on her head.

“My papa is quite famous in Russia. I think that’s why he tried to kidnap me for money.”

Blueish silver hair, naturally flowing down her shoulders.


I was speechless for a moment.

I didn’t notice it until just now because she was wearing her hat deeply, but now her face was familiar.

A Russian character who was one of the main heroes of “Scrambled Love” and was ranked second in popularity.

It was Alec something.