I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 24

EP.24 Career counseling

Two days later, the teacher’s office.

Nanae Mizuki, in charge of the 2-B class, was embarrassed by the heavy responsibility she suddenly took on.

“What? Career counseling?”

“You know, even if I wanted to, I can’t make it.”

Matsuda, who rubbed his bearded chin while saying so, sat in a chair and patted her shoulder.

“In order for Mizuki to continue her teaching career, shouldn’t she provide career counseling for students? Take this opportunity to think of it as a practice and try it comfortably. Career counseling at the beginning of the semester is actually not that important.”

“Yes, yes….”

The youngest and social novice in the teacher’s office could only say “yes” from the beginning.

In fact, it was a normal procedure for her to take charge of career counseling, which had relatively few classes.

Because Matsuda, the only history teacher in the school, had a lot of classes and was very busy preparing classes for each grade.

But accepting it with reason and accepting it with emotion was a different story, Mizuki sighed deeply at the sudden burden she was entrusted to and sat down at the desk.

‘Okay! Let’s do it properly since we’re going to do it anyway! Nanae!’

After shouting, she opened the attendance book for class 2-B.

The attendance book was ranged from 1 to 26 in Hiragana order.

Generally, the photo used in it were taken in the first grade, so compared to what they were now, they looked younger.

‘No. 1 Minami Aizawa, No. 2 Shun Akagi…’

It had already been three weeks since the new semester began, but she hadn’t memorized all the faces and names of her class’s students yet.

But she was working hard, so maybe by mid-May, it would all be memorized.

‘No. 11 Ryuji Sakamoto…’

As she memorized the faces and names of the students one by one, pointing out with her fingers, the last one quickly came back.

He was the last number because he was the only student in the class who used a name in Katakana.

‘Kim Yoo-sung.’

Despite what he looked like only a year ago, in the identification picture taken when he entered school, he was not an overly muscular student like he was now.

Seeing that such a boy had become what he was now, she wondered what happened in a year.

In general, the teacher’s attendance book usually contains special information about the students.

Naturally, Mizuki, who read the explanation under Kim Yoo-sung’s picture, uttered it unconsciously.

“No way! Top student?!”

When she suddenly made a loud noise, the other teachers in the teacher’s room turned to her.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Thanks to this, she, who sweated hard to apologize, sat back in her chair, took a deep breath, and read Kim Yoo-sung’s peculiarity.

‘Full scholarship student, representative of new students from the previous year, never missed the top of the grade since admission, student council clerk, very sincere attitude in class, honestly, there is nothing to teach to him…’

Sympathizing with the last comment that Matsuda probably wrote, she was lost in thought.

‘Is the rumor true that the next elite Yakuza, favored by the boss of the organization, is going to the academy?’

Such rumors may not have been circulating for no reason.

But on the outside, he was an honor student, so she may not be able to coach him.

For her, who had only been a teacher for three weeks, she couldn’t help but felt really troubled.

She couldn’t believe a person who can’t even take care of herself had to consult such an amazing student’s career.

Mizuki, who was sitting in the teacher’s office and struggling alone, realized that she couldn’t find the answer no matter how much she thought about it, so she decided to just confront it boldly.

‘It’ll work out somehow!’


Wednesday afternoon, lunch time.

The atmosphere of the class felt more buoyant than usual.

When I came back from eating with a student council member I met after about a week, the class president was writing something big on the blackboard.

/Career counseling./

“Oh, It’s for that that already.”

After last Saturday’s incident, Karen, who had become somewhat awkward, came in our class to meet Rika, and as I saw the phrase on the blackboard, I muttered so.

Career counseling was a word I hadn’t heard in a long time.

In fact, since I came to the world of manga, I haven’t really thought about the future.

Before I was possessed, I just went to a local engineering school according to my grades and rode the graduate student tree, a slave of the professors, but I honestly thought I could succeed in whatever I did in the future with my current grades and physical abilities.

“What’s your dream, Ryu-chan?”

Lost in contemplation, I came to my senses when Rika asked me a sudden question.

“…well, I’ll take over my parents’ store.”

“Eh- It’s a bit plain. I thought you’d say being the strongest man on earth.”

“What manga are we talking about this time.”

As I said so, and looked at it in amazement, Rika showed the jump she was reading, saying, “Look at this.”

A muscular man, with a background of a desolated land, was raising his fist high.

“It’s a new martial arts manga that came out, and it’s really fun, so make sure to read it!”


Then Karen, who was listening to me and Rika’s unrealistic conversation, asked.

“Come to think of it, I heard that Yoo-sung’s house is a restaurant, what exactly do they make?”

“Yakiniku and Korean food. Other than that, simple food that customers want?”

“Oh, it’s genetic that you’re good at cooking.”

While sitting on a desk, Karen nodded as if she was convinced.

She wore spats under her skirt, and looked defenseless because there was no place to look at.

“Come visit me when you have time next time. I won’t treat you better because you’re my friend.”

“That’s right! The food called “Chonggukjang” made by Yoo-sung’s mother is really good!”


“It doesn’t mean what you think, so calm down. Karen.”

After I cleared the situation, Karen looked like a cat that saw the universe for a moment, and I glanced at the clock on the wall.

While we were chatting, lunch time was almost over.

We said goodbye to Karen because the classmates who went to spend their lunchtime in other class seemed to be slowly returning to their classroom.

“Then do well on career counseling.”

“Yes, you too Karen.”


Soon the familiar bell rang out of the speaker, and the fifth period began.


On Wednesday at Ichijo Academy, the 5th and 6th periods were originally self-development times.

Originally, it was common to study on our own at this time, but there were times where we did something that required a lot of time outside of class, such as career counseling or special lectures by outside instructors.

The class president wrote on the blackboard during lunch that we were going to have career counseling today, and as soon as the fifth period began, we were called one by one and headed to the second-grade teacher’s office.

‘My turn will be the last.’

I didn’t have anything to study, so I spent the remaining time by reading the jump that Rika finished reading first and handed over to me.

From what we had seen so far, it took at least 5 minutes to a maximum of 8 minutes per person. No matter how short they tried to cut it, it was inevitable because there were times when the conversation took longer.

However, if there were a total of 26 people in the class, and if all of them were given 5 minutes on average, a total of 150 minutes was needed.

There was not enough time physically even if you used everything up to the 10-minute break.

“Sakamoto, you’re next.”

It wasn’t long before No. 11 turn came, and when Sakamoto returned, it was right after the fifth period ended and the sixth period began.

My turn was supposed to come in about 80 minutes, so I would inevitably be late for after-school activities that started from the 7th period.

I didn’t know what the president or vice-president would tell me, so I went to the student council room in advance and told them that I would be late because of career counseling.


“Yes, your grades will give you the chance to go to the university you want to go to. I will cheer for you, so let’s cheer up together.”


After about two hours of struggle, Mizuki, who finished career counseling for Yaguchi Maya, the attendance No. 25, managed to lean her exhausted body on her desk.

‘It’s already 3:10 p.m. The seventh period will start soon.’

There was only one student left.

However, from the perspective of Mizuki, a new teacher, he was no different from a final boss.

‘Let’s cheer up! Nanae! You can do it!’

After hitting her own cheeks to strengthen her resolution, she stared at the school office door, by which Yoo-sung would soon come in.

Soon after, someone’s footsteps were heard from over the hall.


The moment he opened the door and entered, the temperature inside the teacher’s office seemed to have dropped by about 3 degrees.

“Uh, come in.”

Mizuki raised her head to greet him with a smile as much as she could.

‘What? What? What?’

But the head got up endlessly.

As she was embarrassed by his height, which was much taller than she thought because she always saw him sitting at the school table, he slowly approached Mizuki.

*Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!*

Mizuki couldn’t tell if what she heard in her ears was her heartbeat or Kim Yoo-sung’s heavy footsteps.

One thing was certain, however, that she did not know anything about his past self.

‘I caaan’t!’

At this instant, she wanted to run away.

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