I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 21

EP.21 A matter of no consequences

The gangsters, who heard Tо̄jо̄’s scolding right in front of their noses, seemed to only recognize her now.

“No, isn’t this Tо̄jо̄? I didn’t recognize you because you put on so much makeup!”

The bully giggled as he said so and pointed to her dress.

“You usually dress up like a tomboy, but why are you so dressed up today? Oh, you want to go out with this fop?”

“It doesn’t suit you at all. You usually beat people with bamboo swords.”

“You should obediently stay home with that small chest of yours. What’s that? Look.”

Even though it wasn’t my business, listening quietly made my anger rise.

Then Sakamoto, who was next to her, intervened.

“Shut up! Don’t talk like that to Tо̄jо̄!”

“Huh, are you going to pretend to be a righteous apostle again today? Mr. fop? Then, what should I do? We’re not the only ones here today.”

“Hyung-nim1Hyung-nim is used as a term for calling one’s ‘mob boss,’ ‘crime boss’. It is a masculine word, meant to be spoken from one male to an older male, as it also commonly means older brother.! Help me!”

When the two gangsters stepped back and forth saying so, a man with blonde hair slowly walked out from behind.

“It’s you? How dare you touch my brothers?”

A tall man in his mid-20s blew bubble gum and looked down at the main character in a pompous posture.

Sakamoto took a step back, frowning at the man’s threatening attitude.

When the gangsters heard it, they were excited to spit out information that weren’t necessary.

“He’s a former boxer who used to be a hotshot! If he hadn’t beaten up people at a drinking party in a fit of anger, he would still be active!”

“No matter how much you fly and crawl, you’re at most at a high school student level! You can’t beat hyung-nim!”

After hearing their explanation, Sakamoto said to Tо̄jо̄ behind him he thought it would not work.

“Tо̄jо̄! Leave this to me and run away! I’m the one they’re after anyway!”

“I can’t do that! How can I leave you alone in this situation!”

Then the man with slicked-back hair, who was called hyung-nim, said with a stiff expression of bewilderment.

“I’m in.”


“Did you think that if someone was asked to leave, we would say yes and let them go?”

Suddenly he stretched out his right hand and seized the wrist of Tо̄jо̄, who was hiding behind Sakamoto’s back.

“Pretty girl, don’t play with this fop, let’s have some fun with me today.”



Sakamoto hurriedly tried to separate the two, but the man didn’t hesitate in using violence.

“Get away!”



Tо̄jо̄ screamed with both her wrists held by the man.

Sakamoto, who was hit in the stomach with his fist, threw up what he had eaten for lunch.

Looking at it, I couldn’t hold back my rising anger.

“…Rika, wait here.”

“Huh? Ryu-chan! Where are you going!”

I put my bag on the floor, and slowly began to walk toward the man with slicked back hair in a mean smile, holding onto the wrists of Tо̄jо̄, laughing and chatting around Sakamoto.

Now it didn’t matter if it was a necessary intervention in the original story.

Honestly, looking at those guys maked me twist my stomach.

Outlaws who only believes in power and are not even afraid of the public power of the city.

What was so fun about hitting people in broad daylight?

If they liked violence and fear so much, I would become their fear myself.


Seeing Tо̄jо̄ Karen being caught by a man with slicked-back hair who suddenly appeared, he jumped to his feet from the place where all the executives of the Dongsung society, who were following him, were hiding.

“How dare he!”

“Holding her wrist!”

“Chairman! Should I bring more?”

“Hold on.”

Everyone paused when they heard his calm voice, when he should be angry more than anyone else among them.

“We don’t have to fight the kids. And look at that guy.”

In the place pointed to by Naoto Tо̄jо̄, the sixth president of the Donsung society, there was a huge man walking with overwhelming fume all over his body.

It was Kim Yoo-sung, a young man who had an unusual atmosphere from the first time he saw him.

Tо̄jо̄ Naoto looked at him and looked down at his trembling hands.

This feeling, it was very familiar.

When he was running like a thunderbolt, it was the first feeling he felt when he happened to run into the boss of the Red Mafia in Japan.

That was, fear of the overwhelming strength.

Fortunately, he was able to escape with the help of his right-hand man Takeyama, but he didn’t think he could win even if he met him again now.

And that young man, Kim Yoo-sung, was at least 20 years old and had an atmosphere similar to the Russian destroyer Ivan, who was called the legend of the back world.

Even now, when he was completely unkempt, he still exuded that kind of pressure, what if he met a proper teacher and learned martial arts?


There was a high probability that a ridiculous monster would pop out just by imagining it.

‘I want him.’

If possible, he wanted to scout him as an organization’s talent.

But he couldn’t ask his daughter’s friend to become a yakuza.

He looked like a great honor student and shouldn’t step into the dirty background.

It was a waste, but he had no choice but to give up.

‘But I’ll have to look around.’

If he hadn’t stepped up, he would have ordered his right-hand man, Takeyama, to subdue all those gangsters, and sink them into the sea with a lump of concrete.

However, in anticipation of the force to be shown by a young man who had a similar atmosphere to the destroyer of his heyday, he unconsciously stopped other subordinates from acting.

‘Now, show me. Your real strength.’

Naoto smiled joyfully when he saw Kim Yoo-sung slowly taking off his hoodie as he walked.


“Hold on.”

Hayashi Ken, a man called hyung-nim by high school students’ gangsters, looked back as he wrinkled his face, saying, “What?”

“What are you again?”

On the outside, he spoke with a cool air, but inside he was in a state of great embarrassment.

‘What’s up with this kid. What kind of exercise did he do?’

It was as if a large stone statue was standing in front of him.

Developed forearm muscles, wide shoulders, thick mitral muscles, prominent neck combs, and large thoracic muscles.

Even in the eyes of a former professional, he had an extraordinary figure.

It was hard to look at.

Compared to him, who was a light heavyweight boxer when he was a professional, he was at least 10kg heavier.

The punching power emanating from that frame would be formidable.

‘Don’t be a chicken, even so you’re a normal person. You know how to fight.’

If it was an ordinary fight, the opponent would have folded his hand due to the fierce atmosphere and the heavy muscles, but only that difference was not a demerit for a man named Hayashi Ken.

It was because he was a much bigger opponent than him, which was common in back-alley fights.

As he was estimating how to knock down his opponent with keen eyes, the giant man who suddenly stepped in said to the red-haired girl who looked at him with a startled face,

“Tо̄jо̄, leave this to me and leave with Sakamoto.”


“I won’t lose to guys like this.”

Apparently, it was a complete love affair.

When the fever rose and he was trying to punch the back of his head, the younger brothers who were standing back shouted.

“Hyung-nim! That’s Kim Yoo-sung! The best man in the Ichiyo academy, who had a 50:1 fight with a gang not too long ago!”

“Ha? Are you stupid? How can a person win 50:1? And high school student? Against me?”

Hayashi Ken lamented his foolishness, after he had just thought of seriously fighting with his opponent.

“You’re a high school student and you’re pretty big, but you don’t think you can beat me with that weight difference, do you?”

Hayashi Ken, who felt unfair that he was scared for a moment by a guy who would have eaten more even if he had eaten hundreds of bowls more than he does, immediately stepped on the step and blew a jab at an invisible speed.

“It’s here! Hayashi’s specialty! Flash jab!”

“As expected from Hayashi! We can only see the afterimage of the fist!”

A high-speed jab that hits you nearly eight times a second.

He was as confident in the speed and power of the jab, which was originally used as a check, as straight as a punch on his right hand.

A decent opponent could collapse from a concussion in no time with just a flash jab.

However, his opponent didn’t fall down despite the fact that he kept hitting him.

No, to be exact, he hadn’t taken a single step.

Like a giant tree firmly rooted in the earth, he was just silently taking the jab he was throwing.

It was him who was unilaterally pushing, but the monstrous mill house that took all the attacks as if nothing happened ignited Hayashi’s nervousness.

“Ugh! Then how about this!”

In the end, Hayashi gave up the game in a short time with a series of flash jabs and stretched out his right fist, which he had saved until the end.

Typical straight punch.

A formidable punch, completed as the waist and torso twist at the same time, fled in a straight line toward Kim Yoo-sung’s face.

At that moment, Kim Yoo-sung’s body, which was silently attacked, moved for the first time.


The punch hit something properly with a burst of air.

However, where his fist hit was the forehead bone, one of the thickest tissues in the human body.

With a face that bleeding from torn skin, the monster in front of him said dryly.

“It’s self-defense from now on.”

At that moment Hayashi got goosebumps all over his body.

‘Dude, you got hit on purposely?!’

But by the time he realized it, a huge fist had crushed his smug face.