I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Mysterious beautiful swordswoman

 Basketball club.

   “What! The dunk broke the backboard!”

   Baseball club.

   “Can’t measure the speed?! That’s outrageous! Isn’t the machine broken?”

   Judo club.

   “Wow! It’s like dealing with a wooden pole!”

   Tennis club.

   “There’s a ball mark on the bottom of the court!”

   As I toured the athletic club, which was in the process of experience training for freshmen, there were now only few places to go.

   Ichijo Academy was mainly attended by the rich, so the number of sports clubs was quite high for the academics, but the bottom was revealed on the third day.

   “Yay! Three bingos!”

   Kishimoto, who wiped a part of the sports club bingo drawn on the club’s promotional booklet with a marker, cheered with joy.

   I asked after looking at the figure from afar.

   “Rika, how many sports club are left?”

   “Huh? Wait a minute.”

   In the booklet she showed me, the athletics, swimming, and kendo clubs were not yet drawn.

   Honestly, there was no need to break the seal at this point.

   Because my physical ability was weirdly strong.

   I thought maybe the funny character correction worked better.

   That’s why most of the muscular male characters in love comedy are in charge of humor.

   I did things that I couldn’t do with common sense, and in some cases, even if I was hit by a running car or if a helicopter crashed, I would be an immortal who survived in flames.

   If my body was influenced by such a law, I could understand my current abnormal physical ability.

   At this point, I thought I could slowly finish the experiences, so I decided to try the kendo club for the last one.


   “Kim Yoo-sung showed up at the kendo club!!”

   “Hurry up and call the kids who went to the swimming and athletic clubs!”

   For some reason, rumors seemed to spread throughout the school that I was at the dojo1A dojo is a studio or room in which martial arts are taught.

   Actually, I was just experiencing it.

   Unlike the thought that there would be few people because it was after school, there were quite a few students gathered at the kendo club’s dojo.

   Then a microphone popped out of the crowd.

   “Kim Yoo-sung-kun, how do you feel now?”

   “Ah, please do the interview through me, the manager.”

   At this point, Kishimoto turned in a completely enjoyable mode.

   She was wearing black sunglasses that I didn’t know where it came from.

   While she was dealing with the newspaper student on my behalf, I faced the kendo manager who came to meet me at the front door.

   “Are you the famous Kim Yoo-sung?”

   Rubbing my neck in embarrassment., I replied.

   “I don’t know if I’m famous, but first of all, I’m Kim Yoo-sung.”

   “I heard you’re experiencing things around the sports clubs. There’s already a lot of talk in the school.”

   A kendo manager with a neat pair of dark blue hair, Fuma Yukika, pointed at me with a bamboo sword in her hand and said,

   “But our kendo club won’t go easy on you.”

   At her charismatic words, the crowd filling the dojo cheered.

   “Argh! I love you! Unnie2 Literal meaning: “older sister” Is also used to call: A female friend or a female sibling who’s older than you (as a female)!”

   “She’s one of the top 3 beauties at the academy. I can’t believe she’s not intimidated by that human weapon.”

   “You’re as beautiful as ever today. And you’re very broad-minded.”

   Ignoring the unfiltered crowd of cheesy lines, I bowed slightly to Fuma Yukika, the head of the kendo department and senior student.

   “Then let me try the experience.”

   Then pointing to the ground with a bamboo sword, she said,

   “One round win. How about the person who hits the opponent first wins? I’ll be your opponent myself.”

   “Sounds good.”

   This was the last one anyway.

   In fact, it didn’t really matter if I won or lost, but at least I never lost on purpose.

   It would be rude to the other person.

   “Do you need a Hogu3Hogu is the armor worn by practitioners of Taekwondo and Kendo during sparring and competition.?” 

   “I don’t think anything will fit me, so it’s okay.”

   “Then I won’t wear it either for fairness.”

   “…I won’t be responsible if you get hurt.”

   “That’s what I’m supposed to say.”

   After saying that, Fuma Yukika took a few steps back.

   In the meantime, I received a bamboo sword handed to me by a red bobbed-haired female from the kendo club.

   When I held it lightly and swung it in the air, a threatening wave of attack was blown.

   I felt like I was slowly getting the hang of controlling my strength.

   Until now, there had been many cases of me trying to use a force of 30 but using a force of 50, but I learned how to control my own power through the tour of the sports clubs.

   It was for that reason that the damage to property decreased.

   She and I stood face to face, in the kendo club’s dojo where the floor was polished well.

   I didn’t know how to swing a sword, but I was a beginner, while Huma, a master of swordsmanship, was experimented.

   “I look forward to your cooperation.”

   “I look forward to your cooperation too.”

   Then we greeted each other with a slight bow.

   The red-haired female kendo club who handed me the bamboo sword earlier came out and stood between us.

   She looked at me and raised her right hand over her head.

   “Both! Fair and square!”

   Soon after, the wrist was struck.




   At the same time as the start, Fuma Yukika dug into Kim Yoo-sung’s gap.

   A surprise attack. 

   It was a rapid movement like a swallow, which could not be followed by ordinary people’s dynamic vision.


   ‘He blocked it?’

   But the junior in front of her lightly blocked it.

   Fuma Yukika took a step back without panicking, and then started swinging the bamboo sword again with her unique rhythm.

   If you are large like Kim Yoo-sung, your movements are usually slow.

   And Fuma Yukika, who often faced those kinds of enemies, was stunned by the incredible speed of reflexes he showed.

   ‘He didn’t block it because he predicted it, but because he saw it move.’

   In fact, the basic characteristic of sport sized swordsmanship is that each movement are incredibly fast.

   Not to mention in kendo, fencing, one of the official Olympic events, they exchange hits several times a second.

   Considering that it was covered simply with physical ability, it meant that his dynamic vision was incredibly good.

   ‘But fighting isn’t just about physical ability.’


   When she waved the bamboo sword and shouted so, Kim Yoo-sung hurriedly turned the angle while trying to block the waist with the bamboo sword.


   This time, she pretended to aim for his wrist, but actually wielded the bamboo sword toward his head.

   When she deliberately spoke and acted differently, Kim Yoo-sung responded half a beat late.

   ‘As expected, his movement are simple.’

   It was the movement of someone who had never learned proper skills.

   Other sports may have been impressed with his overwhelming physicality, but it didn’t work in a world of kendo where skills and speed are more important than weight and strength.

   ‘I should gently end it.’

   It should be avoided to use the techniques in such a place where there were so many people’s eyes, but it seemed all right if she didn’t get caught.

   She calmed her breath, pointing the bamboo sword at Kim Yoo-sung.

   It was when she tried to use the slashing, one of the five virtues of the Fuma family, paying a slight tribute to her junior who followed her here without any skill.

   “…I’ll end it with the next attack.”

   Kim Yoo-sung, who had only been on the defensive side so far, suddenly said that and lifted the bamboo in his hand to the head height.

   Just for that,

   Fuma Yukika, a promising successor to the Ninja clan, felt for the first time in her life a threat for her life.

   ‘Die, die, die, die, die.’

   The appearance of Kim Yoo-sung, who had just been fine, became horrifyingly ferocious.

   It’s not that he never learned skills.

   There was no ‘reason’ to learn.

   Was the lion called the king of beasts by training?

   Kim Yoo-sung, was just located at the top of the food chain from the beginning.

   Fuma Yukika didn’t realize it until she was about to die.

   ‘Grandma! I’m sorry!’

   If she hadn’t come out to Tokyo stubbornly to revive the fallen clan,

   If she hadn’t said she’d fight this man instead of the other members to fill her empty pride,

   Maybe she wouldn’t have lost?

   Fuma Yukika, who instinctively hardened in front of the fear of death, felt for the first time in her life like a guillotine blade coming slowly closer.

   And then when her neck was about to fall–


   “I won.”

   Fuma Yukika, who managed to save her life thanks to a sudden decrease in speed, collapsed on the floor of the kendo hall with her legs loosened.

   “Thank you for your hard work.”

   Looking at her back, Fuma Yukika’s hakama4Hakama are a type of traditional Japanese clothing. was slightly damp.


   “Ah! You went around the sports clubs like that but still joined the board game club!”

   Looking at Kishimoto talking in vain, I said with an expression of absurdity.

   “You’re quite enjoying it, though.”

   “That’s because it’s fun!”

   “Haha, you two are always on good terms. It’s your turn to pick a card. Ryusei.”

   I was playing Halli Galli with Satoru, who was originally a member of the board game club, so I listened to him and quietly put my hand on the deck of the card.

   Ah ah. 

   I could feel it.

   The breath of the card.

   “Draw! Banana card!”

   No matter what, I was also home in the board game club.