I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – A High School Debut

Leaving behind the shocking first meeting with the main character, I intentionally applied to a private high school quite far from my school district to live a normal life.

There was a public high school 10 minutes from my house, but it wasn’t a good choice as I thought there would be too many people who knew Kim Yoo-sung in middle school.

The private high school I applied for was not only known to be expensive, but the deviation value was also higher than that of ordinary schools, so admission itself was impossible without high grades.

This would have put a lot of pressure on his parents to satisfy my greed, so I proudly won a full scholarship for my senior admission.

I couldn’t forget the expression his parents made when I announced this.

At home, they were very happy, saying that they didn’t knew their son was this good at studying.

They didn’t say anything else, but I guess they secretly cared.

As I planned, as soon as I graduated from middle school, I reorganized the room that was excessively cheesy.

Of course, I didn’t throw away everything. I only removed the bromide on the wall and sold on second-hand websites the items such as figures and goods.

I couldn’t erase the only trace that this boy left, and became quite attached to it in my own way after reading it desperately for six months to copy the child’s behavior.

Particularly, the samurai manga drawn by Musashi Kishimoto which was very interesting.

I even became a fan without realizing it.

After finishing to tidy it all, I put back the sports equipment in the empty space.

I felt this while I was in graduate school, but physical strength makes power.

You should work out when you’re younger, so you won’t suffer from minor illnesses when you’re older.

I wanted to build muscles properly because Kim Yoo-sung’s body was quite weak compared to my original body.

If I grew bigger, there would be fewer people who would ignore me because I was a Korean resident in Japan.

So, during the last semester of middle school, I began to bulk up his weak body.

Ichijo private high school.

It was one of the most prestigious private high schools in Tokyo, originally called a “school for the rich”.

And it was where I would go for the next three years.

In April, when cherry blossoms bloom, I stood on the stage as a freshman representative because I won the title of “Head entrance” when I beat all the talented students who took this high school entrance exam.

I could feel the gaze of hundreds of people as I moved forward to the podium and held the microphone.

To be honest, I was a quite intimidated.

I wasn’t familiar with getting people’s attention like this.

“In April, when flowers bloom, our freshmen are waiting for a new encounter…”

Without even knowing what I was reading, I read the congratulatory speech for the freshmen written by someone else and rushed down from the podium.

My heart was still fluttering, even after returning to my seat.

Although there was such an unwanted event for the first day of admission, I was able to adapt quickly to my new school life.

Perhaps it was due to me being on the podium as a representative of new students on the first day of admission, but there were many people who talked to me comfortably.

Of course, most of them came to ask questions about studying, but it was much better this way.

When I was in middle school I was acting as Kim Yoo-sung because there was no one to talk except for his friends and teachers who had already interacted with him in the past.

About half a year passed.

Having not neglected self-discipline every day, I grew taller than in middle school, and was scouted by the newly inaugurated student council president as the student council secretary.

I politely declined because I was already in the board game club but the student council president with black hair and a hime cut1The hime cut is a hairstyle consisting of straight, usually cheek-length sidelocks and frontal fringe., pushed the fan always following him around and said “you ignored my recommendation when you’re just a commoner! That’s pretty good! That’s why I like you!”. He laughed and forced me to switch.

At that time, I was too stunned by the brutality of the student council president, who was suspiciously powerful, but I got used to it.

The student president was from a prestigious Chinese family. He was a bit vain, but he was not stingy with other people.

Thanks to this, I got a lot of benefits and enjoyed my school life.

There was no big complaint about the forced transfer because I could go play with them even if I was not a member of the board game club.

While working as a secretary of the student council, I naturally had a lot of opportunities to see the entire school list, and I belatedly realized that Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character of “Scramble Love”, and his childhood friend, Yaguchi Maiya, were among the freshmen who entered that year.

I went to a private high school 30 minutes away by train so I wouldn’t get involved with the main character of this story, but I never thought I would end up going to the same high school as him.

‘From now on, I’ll be careful not to get involved with him.’

My current goal was to graduate from high school and get a normal job.

It was both for the dead Kim Yoo-sung, and for my future life.

If Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character of this story was getting involved with me by accident, my peaceful school life would be over.

This is how the love comedy genre works.

After this day, I doubled my workout time after school.

It was a way to be prepared for an uncertain future.

At first, my parents, who welcomed the fact that I was working out, began to try to stop me saying that it was too much, but that much couldn’t stop my desire for muscles.

It was possible to make a lot of muscles in a way that would be impossible without steroids because it was the world of a manga.

My body was changing day by day and even if I didn’t eat carbohydrates, I made sure to eat protein regularly.

So, about half a year, hundreds of chickens later and after going to the gym right after school and repeating high-intensity training –

I wasn’t a ghost of myself anymore.


Looking back now, my first year in high school was like the most fulfilling year of my life.

I was shorter than girls in middle school, so I started to train and grew up to 186cm. I had strong muscles from sweat and training.

Compared to when I was weak, I had acquired an overwhelmingly strong body.

I had started to train a little bit because of the atmosphere but I couldn’t help it because in the world of love comedy It wouldn’t be strange not matter what happened.

At least among the love comedy manga I had read, aliens, ghosts, and yakuza were common.

I didn’t know because I hadn’t read the main story of “Scramble Love”, but it wasn’t strange to find such things as it was a manga for boys.

Anyway, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd semesters passed by quickly.

I became a sophomore without losing my top position.

People asked me when I would find time to study when I was working out every day. Unfortunately, I was a man who could work out and study at the same time.

For example, when memorizing 10 English words, if you had a penalty of 10 squats every time you made a mistake, you would memorize it even if you didn’t want to.

In my case, it worked, and I became especially good at memorizing subjects.

But overshadowing those bloody efforts, I faced the greatest crisis of my life as soon as I became a sophomore.

That was because I ended up in the same class as Ryuji Sakamoto, who I had until then no chance to meet because we were in different classes in the first grade.

Sakamoto Ryuji, like any manga main character, sat in the back row at the edge of the window.

The distance between us was about three meters even with the desks between us.

The source of the problem was that I naturally sat in the back row of the class because I was too tall.

If I knew this would happen, I should have taken less supplements.

“Ryuji! We are in the same class again this year!”

“What? Are we in the same class again?”

It was Yaguchi Maiya, who became the final winner of the original story, who spoke to Sakamoto Ryuji with a lively voice.

It literally showed that she was a mainstream childhood friend heroine, who looked modest at first glance but was quite pretty.

The only unique characteristic was the headband with pattern that she was wearing on her head. It was clear that Yaguchi Maiya had no sense of fashion like high school girls these days.

Fortunately, the first day of school ended with only a simple recreation, so nothing happened.

But the very next day, I was convinced that a blonde transfer student who looked like the main heroine would make a surprise appearance.

The original version of “Scramble Love” had already begun.