I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga Prologue

Prologue – I Became A Sidekick In A Manga

Scramble Love.

A hit manga for boys that achieved a record sale of 10 million copies in the age of paperback’s downfall.

It had received a lot of favorable reviews for its story that incorporates the artist’s own colors, shamelessly faithful to the standard of love comedy, which fits well the slogan “back to the old times”. 

The reason why I got to know this manga was because the fandom of Scramble Love burned down the internet because of the ending where the main character’s childhood friend beats all the heroines in the last volume.

I heard that the childhood friend, who became a true heroine, ranked fourth in the overall popularity vote.

To be honest, I thought it had nothing to do with me and didn’t think much about it because I read it online.

However –

I never thought I’d be possessed by that manga.

Let alone I’ve never even read a 5,700-letter postcard in my life. 


“Class president, greetings.”

“Yes! Your attention, everyone! Salute the teacher!”

While my homeroom teacher, who looked like a passionate PE teacher, made the roll call, I turned my head and looked at the campus outside the classroom. 

Pink cherry blossoms were blooming brightly along the long school walkway.

Unlike Japan, where the new semester begins in March, it was a scenery that could never be seen in Korea.

“… Moto Yuuji.” 


While I was thinking about something else for a moment, names were called in the order of attendance number. Finally, waiting for my turn, my name was also called.

“Kim… Ryusei?” 

“It’s Kim Yoo-sung.”

“Ah, Kim Yoo-sung. I’m sorry I called you wrong.”

“It’s all right.”

In opposition to his gorilla-like appearance, the homeroom teacher juts admitted his fault. 

This was a real cliché.

I accepted his apologies. After thanking me, the homeroom teacher ended the attendance check! Great! He cleared his throat. 

“I know it’s only been a day since the new semester started but be quiet for a second.”

Then the classroom became as quiet as a lie.

As everyone’s attention was on him, the homeroom teacher nodded with satisfaction.

“We have a transfer student in our class. Since they’re from far away, A lot of things must be unfamiliar for them, so please be careful.”

The teacher’s sudden statement provoked a tremendous commotion in the classroom. 

“A transfer student? Is it a boy or a girl?”

“I hope it’s a beautiful girl.”

“Didn’t anyone see a transfer student in the teacher’s room?”

In a flood of words that makes your hands and feet shrivel just by listening to it, the homeroom teacher shouted in a calm voice to the transfer student waiting outside the classroom.

“Hey! Come in!”

Then, the classroom front door opened as if waiting for this moment.

As soon as the transfer student finally appeared, time stopped for a while in the classroom.

Dazzling blond hair like melted gold, mysteriously shining green eyes, and detailed features like a bisque doll. 

The exotic beauty, who had physical features that could never come from a native Japanese, confidently walked into the classroom.

She stood in front of the lecture desk, and the homeroom teacher talked.

“Introduce yourself.”

Then for a moment the blonde girl smiled like a cat, then smashed the desk with both hands, and spoke.

“My name is Rika Kishimoto! I come from Shizuoka! I like cats, sweets and Natto jiru1Natto jiru is a traditional Japanese food, it is a type of miso soup prepared with ground natto beans.! Please take care of me this year!”

Just by looking at her, you knew she was the kind of girl full of energy.

It was the kind of popular gyaru2Gyaru is a Japanese cultural expression that is used to describe a fashion sense where girls usually dye their hair blonde. who wouldn’t even talk casually to a guy like me who doesn’t even have a presence.

“Then your seat Kishimoto… Over there is a good place.”

The homeroom teacher looked around the classroom and pointed his finger somewhere. I realized it was next to Ryuji Sakamoto, the main character of this manga.

I didn’t know if it was because both were already acquaintances, but when they made eye contact… They raised their voices at the same time.

“You! You’re the one I bumped into in the alley this morning!”

“You’re the pervert of this morning!”

“Who’s a pervert?!”

As if it was supposed to happen, I touched my forehead as I felt my mind distant from the conversation they had.

‘It’s spinning.’

At the thought of watching this crazy scene for two more years, I really wanted to transfer.